'Project Runway' Recap: The Last Resort
'Project Runway' Recap: The Last Resort
Competing on Project Runway is no day at the beach, but that was the mindset required this week as the designers were asked to create resort wear.

To make the challenge extra hard, each designer had to turn their work over to another contestant for the actual construction phase. Friendships were forged and one designer nearly talked herself into a ticket home.

It's Five O'Clock Somewhere

The episode began with a boat trip around Manhattan that was meant to put the designers in a vacation state-of-mind. It was actually a weird choice because what you would wear to go sailing and what you'd wear at a beach resort really are two different animals.

Did you notice how uncomfortable poor Tim was on the boat? He was clutching his mimosa like it was a life jacket, later he had a death grip on the side of the boat and when it was time to go he commented on the intense rocking. Funny, no one else seemed to be in the least bit bothered but Tim couldn't get off that boat fast enough.

From the docks it was off to Mood (hello Swatch!) and then to the workroom where Tim lowered the boom on them with the challenge twist. Tim picked names from the odious black velvet bag and here's how it all fell out.

Valerie and Andy end up together and this is a good match. Andy wanted to make a bathing suit which is so tough and now he's got to teach Valerie how to sew it. They're both laid back people with level heads so no problem there.

April and Christopher are another good match. They look like brother and sister, don't they? April's got the idea to make a black outfit from an asylum resort because who doesn't want to look chic when they've gone mad?

Casanova and Gretchen seem like oil and water but they actually mix it up rather well. Gretchen's only a problem when she speaks, and Casanova claims he can't understand English, so it works. Except for two things. Gretchen's stuck in that odd burgundy and tan palette from the team challenge and Casanova is designing for his grandmother, again.

The Oddest Couples

When Mondo found out he was being paired with Michael C, he didn't bother to hide his feelings, but at least he expressed his concerns in a civil, grown-up way. The two got down to work and one cute jacket later, Mondo and Michael C were best friends. Mondo deserves a lot of credit for not only warming up to Michael but for admitting that he had been a jerk. I like this guy. I also like his cute striped shorts and leaf-pattern jacket. Yeah, team.

Ivy and Michael D on the other hand, were the unexpected mess of the night. I knew Ivy would be pushy and full of put-downs, but she literally drove Michael D to distraction. It got so bad, he couldn't even work with her constant glaring. Unhappy with his abilities, she dumbed down her outfit to the point where it was just boring and the judges called her on it after the runway show. As expected, she instantly blamed Michael for being the cause of her troubles and the judges didn't like her attitude any more than they liked her design.

As much as she rubbed them the wrong way, she lived to design another day thanks to another bad turn out by Casanova. Michael Kors said that Casanova was confusing them. One day he was designing for hookers and the next it was for a grandmother in a wheelchair. It was one bad design too many and he was cut -- and then Casanova promptly hung himself from the door frame to the waiting room. Okay, so he only mimed hanging himself but it was still pretty disturbing.

What was even more disturbing was the fact that Tim didn't call anyone out for cheating. Am I losing my mind or did they show a clip last week of him calling the group together for the announcement? Maybe it was one of those "this season on" promos and I missed that line. Not that this episode needed more drama. I simply can't stop yelling at my TV this season and tonight was no exception. I'm very unhappy about how a few of the designers placed in this episode and we'll talk about that over here in our Runway Recap.


Photo Credit: Barbara Nitke/ Lifetime Television.