Project Runway: Preview of Episode 10 "Around the World in Two Days"
Jules Verne will be so proud that pop culture has used the title of his novel several times, but we can't be sure if he'll be happy with tonight's episode of Project Runway.  We hear there's just more than one designer who will be eliminated tonight, surely a bad sign.

On "Around the World in Two Days," the big surprise we'll be getting is not just in the challenge, but also the judges.  That's because all three of the show's original judges will be sitting on those chairs beside the catwalk. T hat's right, Heidi, Nina and Michael are back as a team ready to critique the designers.  What's more, actress Milla Jovovich of Resident Evil fame is joining them.

Kicking monster butt on the big screen isn't the only thing she's good at, since Milla has teamed up with model Carmen Hawk for their own fashion label.  They're the brains behind Jovovich-Hawk, sold at Fred Segal in stores all over the world.  They even designed a line for Target.

Anyway, it's off to Michael Kors' boutique at Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, as Heidi Klum said on the preview.  It's not exactly the whole world, but there's bound to be more to come on tonight's Project Runway challenge.  By the way, our host tells us that it's going to be a "secret challenge" as well.

As far as secrets in competitions go, this doesn't sound too good.  The title might point to designing for something you can travel in, given the deadline of two days.  But haven't they already made clothes like that in a previous season?  Again, there has to be another twist to this.

As usual, there's drama among the contestants just like you would have when a kid keeps kicking the back of your chair in an airplane.  The very driven Irina rubs the others the wrong way, making it clear that she is this season's Not-here-to-make-friends type.  Okay, but she does have to deal with everyone as she works.

Don't miss the new episode of Project Runway titled "Around the World in Two Days" as it airs tonight at 10pm on Lifetime.

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: Lifetime, Gratz Industries
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