Project Runway: Episode 5.8 Chic or Freak?
A Saturn roadster might be the automotive image Project Runway 5 would most like you to associate with the show, but at this point, I'm thinking this season is more like a bus. Each week, it trundles on, making its regularly-scheduled stops to deposit precisely the designer who seemed most likely to leave based on the previous episode. This week, it was Stella Zotis who found herself suddenly on the side of the Project Runway 5 road.

Well, at least some of the fashions were interesting. And once again this week, I feel compelled to add some additional categories beyond simply chic and freak.


How on earth did the judges pick a winner? Leanne Marshall's was gorgeous and elegant (although this is not the best photo of it). Korto Momolu's was creative and beautiful. I felt Korto's look was more original and innovative, but (and this is really splitting hairs) I wasn't sure if the print and yellow fit the prescribed theme of “spy.” Okay, okay, the character is supposed to be a glamorous performer, too, but I felt like Leanne's muted palate fit the overall theme just a smidge better. So I can't pick a real favorite, although I think I'd pick Korto's if I were out shopping.

That said, what is up with her being H.R. Grumpnstuff all the time on the runway? Actually, just all the time? Is that just her shtick: deadpan curmudgeon grunting? Or is she really just in a bad mood all the livelong day?



I've been wanting to give Jerell Scott the benefit of the doubt. Really, I have. He's shown some interesting twists and I want to look for the positive. But so often it all just looks like a laundry pile artfully draped all over his model. A model who always looks vaguely embarrassed. And that blue belt? What?

Blayne Walsh. Sigh. I've been defending him, I actually think I see what he wants to do, and I think in about five years, once he's calmed down a bit, he's going to have a really really interesting aesthetic. But no.

Suede. No. I do like the pattern he chose, but as the judges pointed out, his model is a skinny Minnie and you have to work pretty hard to make her look dumpy. And she looks dumpy.


Stella's execution was lacking, but I thought at least her shape and concept had something. I definitely would have sent Joe home instead of her.

Kenley Collins's dress is cute, but top three? I think that just goes to show there were not a lot of strong looks.


Working my nerves, but with a not-terrible outfit is Terri Stevens. Please change it up. I actually kind of like her refusal to go for a dress. Pants are great. But it just all is looking the same at this point.

Working my nerves but with a not-good outfit is Joe. As I said last week, he is truly Mr. Literal. But what's worse is this is not an aesthetically pleasing look. The top looks cheap and the sash doesn't help. Maybe he can break the streak of obviousness in who gets sent home, but unless there's a major twist next week, I can't imagine he will continue to make it through Project Runway.

- Leslie Seaton, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
(Images courtesy of Bravo)