Project Runway: Episode 5.5 Predictions
This week on Project Runway 5, the guest judge is Brooke Shields, and the designers' challenge is to create a look for a high-powered and chic professional woman. It appears from the previews that the designers will be vying for a spot as design lead and then working in teams.

A team dynamic can ultimately change a designers' performance on Project Runway, and having your design selected can be a double-edged sword. Sure, it means your look was considered better than some of the others, but it also means that you're the target if the final look flops.

It appears that Kelli Martin is potentially one of the leads, and might be working with Daniel Feld and Kenley Collins. The previews and snippets make it appear that there might be an issue with her look, which includes some leopard print. Daniel is show sniffing about his high-end taste level, so one has to wonder if Kelli is going to have a minor mutiny on her hands.

For the other designers, it's hard to tell. I would think that Jerell Scott and Blayne Walsh would not be the most successful designers when it came to a look for a professional woman. Jerell's looks tend towards the deconstructed and almost costume-like feel, while Blayne's love for dayglo streetwear might not translate into high-powered chic. That said, though, their construction skills haven't come to the fore yet as being a major issue, so if they are not their team leads, their personal style might not hamstring them at all.

As to potential standouts, I think that Terri Stevens could have a lock if she is chosen for the team lead. She has experience working with major retail chains and I've found all of her looks so far – even when I didn't care for them – appropriate for a pulled-together, high-powered woman.

I think Stella Zotis could potentially be a dark horse. It's been hard for people to get past her trash bag disaster in the first challenge, but her love for sleek modernity and strong looks could actually suit this challenge well.

Korto Momolu had a win last week, and she's another person I could see having the right aesthetic for this challenge, as her looks (other than her slip-up in episode two) have all conveyed the kind of chic sophistication that could suit the challenge.

We'll see which designer sews it up and which gets ripped to shreds on Wednesday's episode of Project Runway 5.

- Leslie Seaton, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

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