Project Runway: Episode 5.12 Chic or Freak?
This week on Project Runway 5, we learned that this season, we’ll have not one but TWO final challenges to determine who gets to go to fashion week. Why? Well, why not, I suppose. It was such a fug parade last night on the runway, maybe the judges just decided to give the contestants a chance to do a do-over. Like maybe next time, at the least, the designers could run a steamer over their outfit before sending it down the runway?

So no one, it would appear, was at their best last night. However, last night showed that this Project Runway season is not, as I’ve been asserting, drama-free. Rather, it’s just drama-concentrated. All into one episode.  The ganging-up-on! The tears! Who knew this group had it in them? So I’ll give them some points for poignancy, but for the fashions last night? A rap on the knuckles all around.


Jerell Scott’s dress wasn’t as bad as the others. But its messiness – and the memory of his occasionally chaotic vision – makes it hard to be sure that there really is a potentially beautiful dress in there that just needed a little more time.

Leanne Marshall ’s was a snooze, but at least it looked finished and not like it had been crumpled on the floor of a car like Jerell’s and Korto Momolu’s.


Korto! What happened?? I think the bodice of the dress has some potential, but the color and the bottom half were just a mess, and so out of character for Korto. I can only imagine the nerves got to her.

And all I can think for Kenley Collins is that this is some version of the Sexy (fill-in-the-blank) trend for Halloween costumes. You know, the Sexy Cop, Sexy Fireman, Sexy Construction Worker, Sexy Civil Engineer, Sexy Second Chair Flautist…this is the Sexy Ursula the Sea Witch costume. You can pick it up at your local seasonal Halloween store now!

Now I feel a mild let-down. Since we’ve already seen the collections at Bryant Park, this means: no new fashion. We’ve seen all there is to see, clothing-wise, from this season. I hope the designers can keep up the level of drama, then, as otherwise, there is no suspense to look forward to on the next episode of Project Runway.

- Leslie Seaton, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
(Images courtesy of Bravo)