Project Runway: Episode 5.11 Recap
On tonight's episode of Project Runway, there are 8 models left but only 5 designers.  A lot of the designers decide to change things up and Leanne even steals Suede's model.  It's a competition for the models too and it's got to be tough on them when they're eliminated, especially since some of their designers abandoned them.  Afterwards, they meet up with Tim who lets them know that today, they'll be designing for each other.  Suede will design for Jerell, Kenley will design for Leanne, Korto will design for Suede, Jerell will design for Kenley, and Leanne will design for Korto.  That's not all, though.  The look must be inspired by a specific musical genre.  Kenley gets pop, Suede gets punk, Korto gets country, Leanne gets hip hop, and Jerell gets rock and roll.  This should be interesting!

Not only did Leanna get hip hop, she rapped.  Leanne should never rap, nor wear anything reminiscent of the hip hop genre.  Kenley seems to think high waisted jeans are hip hop.  Kenley lives in a bubble.  Korto is totally pissed off that she not only has country, but has to design menswear.  Jerell suggests that Suede designs something reminiscent of KISS but Suede knows that he'll get eliminated if he makes something that looks dated.  Kenley worries that Jerell is "sexing her up" with his design and starts to feel really self conscious about wearing it.

When Tim makes the rounds, he literally shrieks at the sight of Jerell's fabrics.  He's concerned that Leanne's outfit is too subtle and she admits that she has a lot of work ahead of her.  Korto says that she doesn't want to be stereotypical or cliche but Tim worries that she's not doing enough with her outfit.  When he looks at Suede's outfit, he doesn't even have words which of course, would worry any designer!  Kenley and Tim disagree over what hip hop should look like and she talks back to him.  He fires back and tells her to cut the attitude, as perhaps he should have. 

The designers don't even look like themselves as they change into their outfits for the runway.  They'll be pulling double duty tonight: as designers and models.  The judges like Korto and Jerell but they're not feeling what Suede, Kenley, and Leanne designed.  Korto wins the challenge for her punk design for Suede.  Jerell and Leanne are also in this week with Suede and Kenley left in the bottom two.  The judges feel that Suede played it safe while Kenley missed the attitude of hip hop completely.  Suede is eliminated and will be talking to BuddyTV in an exclusive interview tomorrow.

Korto for Suede

Jerell for Kenley

Leanne for Korto

Kenley for Leanne

Suede for Jerell


- Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer

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