Project Runway: Episode 5.10 Recap
On tonight's episode of Project Runway, the designers are surprised when they meet up with a bunch of mothers on the runway.  No worries, designers.  They don't have to design for them, they'll be working with their daughters.  All of the girls are recent college graduates, who are looking for a complete head to toe makeover as they transition into womanhood.  Heidi pairs up the designers with their clients and then they have 30 minutes to meet up and talk about their looks.  The mothers were allowed to be at the meetings and had opinions that were as strong as the daughters, though they didn't always agree. 

All of the talk of makeovers and girls who are going through big transitions stir up memories among the designers.  Kenley talks of how she moved to New York straight of college with no money and fought for everything she got.  Joe's first job was with Gucci, while Jerell's was a little less glamorous, at McDonald's!

When the girls come in for their fitting, Joe's client, Laura, is completely unhappy with her design.  Joe has chosen pinstripes for his fabric and Laura doesn't like them.  Joe still feels confident that he can make her feel happy in the final look and keeps working.  Many of the mothers voice their dislike for the design or suggestions for how to improve it, mainly on Leanne's, Kenley's, and Suede's teams.  All of the designers want to please their clients, but also maintain their point of view and overall style.

Tim makes the round to check in on everyone, while the clients are in the salon, getting their hair makeovers.  He likes Suede's design, which is different for him, but is worried that the pockets and sleeves look sloppy and uneven.  Tim has no bad words for Jerell, calling his design "stunning", but warns him to make sure there's no extra fabric in the design.  Kenley feels misunderstood by Tim when he tells her not to let the slip on her dress show.  She's blunt and says that she never changes anything that he suggests.

At this week's runway show, fashion designer Cynthia Rowley sits in as guest judge.  The judges like what Kenley, Korto, and Jerell did.  The judges have concerns about Joe, Leanne, and Suede.  Jerell wins the challenge and his look will be featured in a TreSemme ad.  Leanne is saved from the bottom two, which leaves Suede and Joe.  Joe is out and eliminated from the competition.  He'll talk to BuddyTV in an exclusive interview tomorrow.  Don't miss it!

- Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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