Project Runway: Bravo Accused Of Sabotage
The fight between The Weinstein Company and NBC Universal over Project Runway rages on this week, with new allegations of sabotage. In court papers filed this week, The Weinstein Company accuses Bravo of intentionally refusing to promote the fifth season of Project Runway properly. The show’s time slot was moved from its regular 10pm time slot to 9pm, which supposedly made it tougher for viewers to find (though in this day in age, most of us have digital cable complete with a built in guide). Bravo also did not start promoting the show until just a few days before the season premiere aired in July, which is true. The network usually sends out press packets and screeners but did not do so for season 5. The Weinstein Company also claimed that Bravo focused more on filming a replacement show for Project Runway instead of the show itself.

Not surprisingly, NBC denied the allegations and responded by saying, "Not only do we categorically disagree with the Weinstein Company's assertions, but the fact is that Season 5 was the most-watched and highest-rated Project Runway cycle ever.” The Weinstein Company fired back, calling the ads that ran for season 5 "mundane and unappealing". They also claimed that Bravo did update the Project Runway section of the site in a timely fashion, basically ignoring the show and putting it on the back burner. Regarding NBC boasting that season 5 was the highest rated in Project Runway history, The Weinstein Company retorted, "This achievement was in spite of, and not a result of, Bravo's tactics."

Season 5 of Project Runway was supposed to be the last to air on Bravo after The Weinstein Company made a deal with Lifetime to move the show to their network. Last month, a judge in the case issued a temporary injunction barring the show from moving to Lifetime and the case was moved to federal court. Fans may have to wait up to a year for season 6 to air and as to which network we’ll be watching it on… well, we’ll just have to wait and find out.

 - Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer
Source: E! Online
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