'Project Runway All Stars' Recap: Nothing Says Fashion Like the Depression Era
'Project Runway All Stars' Recap: Nothing Says Fashion Like the Depression Era
Gina Pusateri
Gina Pusateri
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Brace yourselves: an entire episode of same network programming advertising is coming. The challenge for the designers this week is to work in teams of two to create two looks (menswear and women's wear) inspired by the Lifetime miniseries Bonnie and Clyde, not to be confused with the 1967 American cinematic masterpiece, also called Bonnie and Clyde.

Alyssa tells them they need to work on making their looks full of the glamour and romance of the 1930s, but to make sure it's modern and not too literal.

Partners in Crime

Viktor and Christopher are the first two to pair up. Christopher picks Viktor as a partner because he knows that he has experience with menswear. Christopher is focusing on the dress, using a technique called "cutting on a bias" which apparently is hard to execute, but effective if done properly. And Viktor is working on a jacket for his male model with surprise fringe in the back, but Zanna doesn't like it so he re-thinks it.

Two of the winners, Seth Aaron and Jeffrey are working together. Jeffrey wants to make a military-like tweed jacket with magnets to keep it shut in front instead of buttons. Seth Aaron is working on a military-like look to match Jeffrey's in a deep purple color.

Irina and Mychael use a pallet of golds, bronzes and blacks. Zanna is worried that Mychael's fabric might be a little too glitzy for the challenge. And Irina's look includes a ton of separates that she's worried about finishing in time. And I'm loving her inclusion of faux-fur, a shout-out to classic Irina of seasons past.

Korto and Elena are paired up by default at the end. Korto's calm demeanor seems to even out Elena's frazzled mentality. Korto hasn't done menswear since her season of Project Runway, but she did win that challenge so she's still pretty confident. Elena is working on a leather jacket and pants that have a great butterfly collar. So for once not a color-blocked patch-work dress. Let's see how that goes.

Robbers of the Runway

Georgina Chapman isn't here tonight, so the show just got about 98 percent less fabulous. But wait! Austin Scarlet is here to take her place. The fabulous arrow pointed back up in the right direction. And joining Austin, Alyssa and Isaac Mizrahi this week are also Bar Refaeli and Elie Tahari.

Alyssa also tells them that the winner of the challenge will also "receive a debut as a fashion designer on a Liftetime original movie event and they'll get screen credit for their work." Now I'm not sure what exactly that means because it's barely English. In related news: Bring back Heidi Klum, like now.

Korto and Elena are the only two designers safe this week, which is a bit surprising because their leather looks were well-made and high-fashion. Also this is the first challenge that Elena hasn't landed in the top.


Jeffrey- Elie says Jeffrey's jacket looks dangerous but wearable. Isaac loves the cut and fit of the trousers and Alyssa thinks it is very avant garde.

Irina- The judges all appreciate Irina's beautiful jacket, but Austin says the gown underneath is just as stunning. Alyssa thinks she's embodied the glamour of the 1930s the best of anyone. Elie points out that she had so much work into her look, and all of the pieces were executed perfectly.

Christopher- The judges think that Christopher's dress is brilliant in its simplicity. Isaac thinks the tan belt and gun holster are great accents. Alyssa just doesn't like how the look horizontally cuts the model's body in many different places.


Seth Aaron- At first I didn't even realize Seth was in the bottom because the first thing Alyssa said was that she loved his look so much she wanted to kiss him. Elie says while the silhouette is very clean and pretty, it is not modern enough. Isaac and Austin agree that the styling made the model look older, and not in a vintage/fabulous way.

Viktor- The judges point to the ill fitting shoulders as problematic, and Isaac says the bow tie reminds him of a clown. Elie says Viktor looks better in his clothes on the runway than his look does, and Austin says the fringe takes away from the sophistication.

Mychael- Elie is not a fan of the mix of gold and leather fabric and he says it gives the jacket a costumey look. Isaac also has issues with the length and fit of the jacket and Austin says it looks constricting. Alyssa does point out that the pants are very well-made.

The winner this week is Jeffrey. Good for him, he needed a morale boost after being in the bottom three times in a row, but Irina is robbed yet again. It seems like these judges constantly just pick what their favorite looks are, no matter if they fit the criteria of the challenge is. In related news: Bring back Nina Garcia and Zac Posen.

And Mychael Knight is sent walking, the same night his nemesis wins. I can't say that I'm surprised, but it's still a bummer.

Project Runway: All-Stars airs Thursdays at 9pm on Lifetime. 

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