'Project Runway' 7: Preview of Episode 13 ' Finale - Part 1'
'Project Runway' 7: Preview of Episode 13 ' Finale - Part 1'
We're almost finished with another season of Project Runway, and tonight we'll see the remaining designers battle it out for the prize. The competition is tight for the last couple of episodes for season 7 with four contestants left. Bryant Park is so, so close.

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It will be tough for the judges to decide who will make it to Fashion Week. Seth Aaron has already filled up one spot among the top three. Emilio's win on the previous challenge makes him a shoo-in. Now who'll be filling in that last slot?

The claws are out as Mila and Jay fight to show off their collections at the finale, but their talents confuse the judges. In a good way. They can't seem to decide who deserves the third spot, as you can see from the video below.

It sounds as though Heidi's rooting for Mila while Michael's all for Jay. When it comes down to Nina Garcia, she simply can't come up with a tie-breaker. Could this mean we four designers will be showcasing their skills at Fashion Week?

From the trailer, we can see that tonight's Project Runway episode will be as exciting as ever. We may not have the quirky Anthony to liven things up anymore, but everyone else's competitive spirits have been unleashed. It's just odd that Emilio had to pick a fight with Tim Gunn and not the others.

Speaking of the others, there's going to be a reunion episode next week. The network revealed that the special will air Thursday next week at 11pm. But if you're already tired of seeing these season 7 faces, you better get excited for the next installment.

Lifetime announced that it's already casting for season 8 of Project Runway. It's back to New York for another run, which means more Heidi, Tim, and aspiring fashion designers and reality TV stars.

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For now though, let's content ourselves with the finale of this season. Catch the first part of the finale on Lifetime at 10pm tonight.

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