Project Runway 7: Preview of Episode 2 "The Fashion Farm"
Project Runway 7: Preview of Episode 2 "The Fashion Farm"
If you haven't guessed it from the title, tonight's Project Runway episode will bring our contestants to the countryside.  The grass is greener this time around.  That is, if you win this creative new challenge.

On "The Fashion Farm," this new batch of designers will be getting their hands dirty and work with an unusual material for tonight.  Since they're heading away from the Big Apple and away from Mood fabrics, what else would they be using?  Potato sacks.

Taking a trip to a land of goats and quadrupeds that moo, the aspiring contenders of Project Runway's seventh season are expected to create garments from an unlikely source.  They'll be cutting up, dyeing, draping and sewing through sacks used to carry potatoes, treating the rough cloth as a fabric.

If they think that's already challenging enough, they should try wearing it.  The models look like they'll have a tough time fitting into these uncomfortable sacks.  Worse, a little runway wardrobe mishap might cost one of them the prize.

You can see one of the major boo-boos for tonight's episode on the Project Runway preview below.

Adding to the pressure is the guest judge for "The Fashion Farm."  We reported earlier that actress and model Lauren Hutton will be joining the panel tonight.  Seeing those tears on the trailer, we're guessing she's managed to bark out quite a comment.

Last week, Nicole Richie gave out her views and the judges eliminated Christiane from the competition.  She was critiqued for her ability to construct a proper dress, in addition to confusing the judges about her view as a designer.  It was the innovative Emilio won the first challenge of the season, but we'll see if he manages another win tonight.

Will the designers be able to pull off their potato couture?  Don't forget to catch the new episode of Project Runway 7, "The Fashion Farm," as it airs tonight at 10pm on Lifetime.

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