Project Runway 5: Meet the Designer - Keith Bryce
Keith Bryce might say his motto is “Get noticed or go home,” but he flew under the radar for the first few episodes of Project Runway 5. He finally emerged with a win for his design for Brooke Shields in the fifth episode.

Will this designer continue to get noticed or was this a brief moment in the spotlight before he gets sent home? Let's take a look at what brought the 27-year-old designer from Salt Lake City to Project Runway 5.

Fashion was apparently always a hidden passion for Keith, but being raised by his mom and three sisters, Keith said in his audition that he wasn't eager to take on the less-traditionally masculine craft for years. Instead, he pursued an education in business and marketing at Salt Lake Community College while exercising his creativity in abstract art.

His Bravo bio says that he finally made the move into fashion when asked to contribute artwork for a fashion show, noting, “He bought his own sewing machine two weeks before that show and has been designing ever since.” He told Tim Gunn during his audition that he taught himself from a how-to book as he learned on his home machine.

After three years, he's developed enough to have opened his own boutique in Salt Lake City, Filthy Gorgeous. It bills itself as more than just a fashion store, rather it's also an “artist's network.” The clothes offered are “one of a kind articles of clothing…hand touched by the artist themselves with very little outside production.” In addition to designing and creating the clothing, Keith also uses his background as an artist in order to create the actual fabric he uses, painting directly on the raw material to create patterns and designs.

Salt Lake City isn't exactly known as a fashion Mecca, but Keith sees its potential, saying the fashion scene is “Growing. . . there's a palpable buzz, a feeling in the air…There is a growing community of artists and fashionistas breaking through, creating and wearing progressive fashions.” He also notes that geography doesn't determine creativity or drive, saying that being from Utah “doesn't put any limitations on our potential or abilities.”

Keith tried out for Project Runway for much the same reason as other designers: the chance to increase exposure for his own work. But he's also just a fan of the show in general, saying, “Project Runway has always inspired me and I wanted to be a part of it.”

We still have more episodes to go before we know what his success will be in the competition, but he's already got plans for his business back in Salt Lake, with his website noting that Filthy Gorgeous is about to launch the area's only custom denim line. He has big plans for himself and his work, saying, “I definitely want to be considered a staple of the Fashion Industry.”

- Leslie Seaton, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

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