Project Runway 5: Meet the Designer - Wesley Nault
Christian Siriano's win of Project Runway 4 reminded us all that age is just a number when it comes to talent and fashion ability. And, after seeing 23-year-old Wesley Nault's solid performance in episode one of Project Runway 5, it seemed like he could be another young designer with the talent to go far in the competition. He was even noted as one of the likely top four finishers in fansite Blogging Project Runway's pre-show ranking poll.

This week, though, the selection of “mint chocolate ice cream cone” colored-fabric by his model in the eco-fashion challenge was, apparently, his early undoing. He's admitted that he “kind of psyched myself out from the beginning, and it just wasn't my finest hour.”

We'll take a look at how this young designer got to Project Runway 5. It might not have turned out to be a winning design contest for him, but it just might have given him something else exciting to take away – a possible romance with a fellow Project Runway designer.
But first, let's learn about what led up to Wesley's appearance on the show.

With a ‘”stylish” mom setting the bar for fashion, Wesley started designing and hand-sewing his own clothes as early as middle school. His grandmother taught him how to use a sewing machine, and, he told the local paper from near his hometown of Blackstone, Massachusetts, “"since then I haven't stopped sewing." He spent high school designing and making prom dresses and other clothing for his friends.

As the story often goes for the young and talented, Wesley appeared to be eager to move on to the big city. His notes dryly that he lived in “a town with a single traffic light outnumbered by cattle crossing signs.” He was read to move on to pursue his fashion dreams. “Basically,” he writes on his MySapce profile, “I got tired of hearing ‘Attention Wal-Mart shoppers,' and decided I'd do a better job than anyone at the Kathy Ireland Collection.”

His parents have said that he was determined to go to the Fashion Institute of Technology and “didn't want to do anything else.” Wesley brought one of his friends, dressed in his own fashions, as a visual aide to his interview with the school, and landed a spot. During school, he interned with fashion heavyweight Marc Jacobs and the Levy Group, which handles outerwear for popular lines like Esprit and Project Runway mentor Tim Gunn's own Liz Claiborne.

Knowing that Project Runway could be a great opportunity for a young designer to build some buzz, after he graduated, he told his parents he would give it one shot to get on the show. After skipping the first and second days of auditions, not wanting to fight the huge crowds, he finally got a chance to show the judges his designs on the third day. He made it on the show, and the rest is now Project Runway history.

While it's just a short entry in the roster of Project Runway designers, Wesley's time on the show might have, as mentioned, garnered him something as gratifying as a win. People Magazine has reported that he and fellow contestant Daniel Feld are now dating. Daniel is 25-years-old and also a Massachusetts boy.

Wesley has said that he's not exactly sure what he'll be doing next; having just gotten off the show and back into his real life, he's still dealing with the logistics of moving out of his apartment and getting re-established. But he's noted his admiration for Daniel's talent in many interviews, and indicated that the two might be looking to start a line together in the future. We'll keep an eye out for the potential fashion collaboration from the two Project Runway contestants.

- Leslie Seaton, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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