Life After Winning Project Runway: Not So Grand

Jeffrey Sebelia, winner of Project Runway season 3, is still seeking success after his victory on Bravo’s hit show. As of now, his winning sensation isn’t translating into the same amount of post-reality success compared to others who came from FOX’s American Idol. Moreover, Sebelia weighed against the fashion industry, expressing how music is much easier to sell and promote than clothes.

Sebelia, a 36-year old fashion designer made controversy on Project Runway when he was accused by fellow contestant Laura Bennet of cheating the competition by outsourcing the sewing of some of his clothing line during the show’s New York Fashion Week finale.

Currently, he is busy managing his own label called Cosa Nostra. As for the $100,000 grand prize from Project Runway, the bulk of it was used to pay-off debt from his start-up business loans. And despite the attention from fans on the streets, his fame is not really drawing in monetary success like he imagined.

"The truth is, I'm totally broke," Sebelia told New York Magazine. "I'm almost afraid to admit what I'm doing now but it's costumes for a movie. It's a live-action movie for the Bratz... those sultry dolls…Most of the companies I'd like to be involved with really couldn't give a s**t that I was on TV."

Despite his lack of profitable success, Elle fashion designer Nina Garcia still commended Sebelia, stating that he “was most connected to what’s happening right now.” This was also the reason why he was chosen the winner of the reality series.

-Kris, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

Source: RealityTVWorld