Exclusive Interview: Steven Rosengard of 'Project Runway'
Exclusive Interview: Steven Rosengard of 'Project Runway'
On last night's episode of Project Runway, white pleather ended up being designer Steven Rosengard's undoing.  The contestants were assigned to models who had recently lost weight.  They had to take their favorite outfits from when they were heavier and reinvent them.  Steven got Laura, a woman who loved her wedding dress, but needed something she could now wear to work.  Time became an issue for him and, even though other designers tried to jump in and help, it wasn't enough to save him.  Today, Steven talked to BuddyTV about whether or not he agreed with the judges and about his time on Project Runway. 

Below, you will find the complete transcript and mp3 of the interview.

Hey everyone, this is Gina from BuddyTV and today, I'm talking to Steven from Project Runway.

Hello, how are you doing?

Hi Steven, how are you doing? Thank you so much for doing the interview.

Oh, no trouble at all, no trouble at all.

Can you tell me if design was always something you were interested in?

Oh, certainly. In fact, I started drawing when I was maybe three or four, something like that. Then by the time I got to be like 11 or so, I started on clothing and drawing it and actually making it for Barbie dolls, that sort of thing.

Prior to being on the show, had you watched previous seasons of Project Runway?

Oh yes, religiously. Most certainly.

Was this your first year trying out for the show?

No, no, I had actually tried out for season three, and I think I made it pretty close to the end of the audition process.

How did you get along with the other contestants? It seemed for the most part that everyone was pretty good to each other.

Yeah, it was almost like the whole thing of being shipwrecked and whatnot, and we all had to kind of look after each other. I think you saw that in the challenge where Jack essentially dropped his shorts and shared them with everyone else.

Speaking of Jack, when he left the show, what was the mood? They didn't really focus too much on it last night, and I was wondering how everyone was feeling at the time.

It was just dreadful, absolutely dreadful. It was very hard to watch someone who wanted to be there so bad have to go for extenuating circumstances. It was very difficult to watch because, being his roommate, I knew exactly how bad he wanted to be there. It just seemed really unfair.

Now to have him leave and to have Chris show up a few minutes later, your mind must have been spinning. It must have been really crazy.

Yeah, it was a bit of a rollercoaster.

Now, when someone gets eliminated like Chris did, and then is back in the competition, and then you get eliminated -- in your mind, is that fair?

You know, I didn't even really think of it that way. I suppose as designers we all have that day where we're off, or some days we'll design something great and someone will hate it. Fashion, like any art, is very subjective. It's just all kind of up in the air. So for me, or Heidi, or Michael, or Nina to say that one person's outfit is terribly awful and the other one is brilliant, you don't know if that's actually a really valid way of determining whose is the quote unquote best. If you've got 30,000 people that love an outfit, and Michael, Heidi, and Nina hate it, well, who's right and who's wrong? It's just very complicated.

Last night you got that white wedding dress. What made you decide to go with the black outfit?

I think because of the contrast. Even when I'm designing for clients on my own, very typically what I'll do is ...  let's say a client will want a red dress for example. Then the muslin, of the practice dress that you do to test it, I'll do in green. I just end up getting really tired of seeing the same color all the time, so I do the opposite colors for contrast. There was just this sea of white that was burning out my eyes to look at it, so I thought it needed black. And Laura was most comfortable in black, so it was either black or lavender for her. I wasn't really comfortable doing anything in lavender.

Did you agree with what the judges had to say about your design last night?

Not particularly. I think the judges are maybe a little bit out of touch with the working woman and what she needs out of her wardrobe. Especially a woman who works 13 hours a day, who doesn't have a stylist, who doesn't have someone applying her eye shadow for her. It's a much different world for women like Laura than it is for women like Heidi.

Well what's life like for you now outside of Project Runway?

Honestly, I feel like I've been sucked up by Project Runway and I'm still in the spin cycle. Everything is still kind of normal. I'm working on renovating my apartment, which is taking a considerable amount of time. I've also got a number of clients in a design class on the side that I'm going to be working for, doing a wedding dress, another dress for a promotional event, and donating some items to charity events and so on and so forth. I'm keeping pretty busy these days.

Well I hope we get to hear good things from you in the future Steven. I just wanted to thank you so much for your time.

No trouble at all. Thank you so much for the interview Gina.

- Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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