Private Practice: Episode 2.16 "Ex-Life" Recap (Page 1/3)
Private Practice: Episode 2.16 "Ex-Life" Recap (Page 1/3)
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The Grey's Anatomy/Private Practice crossover-licious drama continues into its second hour. In Archer's (Grant Show) room, Sam (Taye Diggs) passes out from an asthma attack, leaving Naomi (Audra McDonald) torn about which man to check on, her asshat boyfriend who just had worms taken out of his brains, or her insecure ex-husband who just passed out.

Ever the famewhore, Richard (James Pickens Jr.) wants to publicize Archer's surgery and call in some newspapers to write up the miracle story about the world-class neurosurgeon saving the life of the world-class neurologist. (He should call the Seattle P-I because this is the latest in newspaper casualties in this country.) Archer isn't quite sure that Derek (Patrick Dempsey) got everything because his vision is blurry, his head hurts and the room is spinning. Um, dude, you just had your brain cut open and worms fished out. I think it's gonna hurt for a while. He wants another CT done, which actually isn't a bad idea, but Derek just thinks he's being an asshole and won't do it. Richard orders Bailey to do the CT but doesn't tell Derek about it.

Meanwhile, Derek is also preoccupied with Jen, the pregnant aneurysm patient, so he asks for Addison's advice on how best to treat her. Addison does an ultrasound and finds out that the baby is anemic. Sometimes the mother mirrors the baby's symptoms, and in Jen's case, the baby's anemia is causing congestive heart failure in both of them.

At home, Alex (Justin Chambers) asks Izzie (Katherine Heigl) what's wrong because he has been noticing some visual impairment in her. She distractedly says she's fine.

Bailey (Chandra Wilson) treats Sam for his asthma, and wonders (complimentarily) how a woman like Naomi can go from a hunk of a man like Sam to someone as asshole-ish as Archer.

There's evidence of some bad complications going on with Jen, and as Alex and Addison (Kate Walsh) look at the test results, he asks her for advice on whether he should run away to a different city like Addison did. He tells her that he's with Izzie now, and while he loves her and wants to be with her, but he knows that she's 12 kinds of crazy, and it's like a slow-motion train wreck being with her. Addison orders more tests for Jen, and when Derek finds out he gets very angry. He yells at her that this is his hospital, and Jen is his patient, and she shouldn't have done these tests without his knowledge.

Naomi confides in Addison about whether she's crazy to jump in so quickly with Archer. Addie's all, "You have two men, I have none. Boo hoo!" Sam wakes up and wants Naomi to know in no uncertain terms that he is over her. His attack was strictly asthmatic in nature, and not at all panic-related resulting from the fact that his ex-wife is with another man.

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