Prison Break: Episode 4.20 "Cowboys and Indians" Recap
Prison Break: Episode 4.20 "Cowboys and Indians" Recap
Last week on Prison Break, Michael and Sara capture and interrogate Christina but she flips their plan on its head and escapes. Oh, and yeah, she told Michael that him and Lincoln aren't related. The General gives Licoln one day to give get Scylla and when he returns with it, he's told T-Bag to kill him. An assassination is now on Lincoln's head and it looks like he's wanted for a high profile murder again. We're back to the beginning.

This week on Prison Break, Lincoln picks up the sniper gun to shot open the door so that him and Michael can escape. Great, now his fingerprints are on the gun too. Mahone and Self wait outside for Lincoln and discuss the General's plans to kill them and their loved ones if they don't come up with Scylla. Michael calls Mahone and asks for his help. Mahone's freaking out so Don takes the phone. Michael obviously doesn't want to talk to Self but Self gives him the details on how to get out. Michael and Lincoln have a "talk like this" conversation where Michael tells Lincoln that if they make it to the roof, they can make it to the laundry room and then outside. Michael tells Mahone to go get Christina and Sara and make Christina tell him where Scylla is.

The General watches the news report on Naveen's assassination and when he hears Lincoln is being blamed, he knows Christina's behind it. He tells T-Bag to go take care of Michael and Lincoln. T-Bag tells him to stop trying him like a snitch but the General informs him that it's not the time for him to try to earn his strips.

Mahone arrives at the apartment to find Sara tied up. She tells him Christina is gone and he tells her that Michael and Lincoln were framed. Mahone tells her to run and she refuses. Sara tells Alex that she'll stay there and wait for Michael.

Christina sits in her office and watches the aftermath. She tells her associate that she wishes things weren't falling down on Michael because he's her only son. Christina meets with the Prime Minister of India. He tells her he heard the Chinese are behind the assassination. He then asks her if he can buy her product to use her technology to avenge his son. She feigns concern but then agrees to let him buy it.

The cops lock down all the doors in the hotel and Michael and Lincoln are stuck on the 16th floor. Michael asks Self to find out what their plan is. He uses his Homeland Security to meet the captain and finds out that they're using an odorless gas to gas out Michael and Lincoln. When Self tells Michael the plan, Michael comes up with one of his MacGyver plans. The real Homeland Security Agent shows up and the cops tell him that Agent Don Self was already there.

The General explains Christina is trying to reignite the 1962 India / China border conflict. He explains it'll end in an all out world war and maybe an apocalypse when Mahone, who's shown back up, asks him why he didn't think of it himself.

The Homeland Security guy, Agent Darren Hooks, corner Self in a hallway. Self explains that his death was a set up and he's still undercover. The agent doesn't believe him so Self beats him up. Or tries to but fails miserably. Self, losing badly, stabs the agent in desperation. Don goes to the loading dock door finds that the cop has been killed and that someone else is after them. Michael opens a door and sets off an alarm. All the cops run up to floor 16 where Michael and Lincoln are waiting for them. Michael and Lincoln set up a bomb-like device in a refrigerator. When TWO cops show up, it explodes. THEN all the rest of the cops go upstairs. Good plan. Michael and Lincoln run off in the cop outfits but one cop catches them. The General's minion kills the cop and then demands Michael and Lincoln follow him back to the loft.

Michael and Lincoln return to the loft to find everyone else already there. Mahone tells Michael that Christina escaped and that Sara's waiting in the condo. The General says, "Lincoln Burrows was outsmarted, who could have expected that?" Haha. The General brings out a "chip." He starts writing their names on papers and then tells them they had one day to accomplish the job and they didn't so someone's going to pay. He pulls out Self's name calls up a man and tells him to kill Self's wife. The General explains Self got drunk and paralyzed his wife and was trying to get away with Scylla to run away with her to clean up his mess. The General executes the order and we hear Self's wife die on the phone. He runs and jumps out the window into the water. The General asks T-Bag to make sure Self is dead.

The Prime Minister of India gives Christina a check for three-quarters of a billion dollars and she tells him all the data will be delivered in 24 hours. When he leaves, she tells her associate to contact China to see if they're interested as well. He cautions her and she ignore him.

Michael tells the General that if they find the money, then they'll find Christina. He tells them to go to a Federal Reserve Signatory Bank. The General says Michael's mind is one in a million and that's why he didn't put his name in the bowl. Michael cautions that he doesn't work for The Company and the General says, "Not yet."

Christina's at the bank trying to withdrawal $10,000 and she has Scylla with her. Mahone, Lincoln, and Michael are waiting outside. Mahone points out that Michael and Lincoln disagree on what to do with Scylla as soon as they get it. Back at the loft, T-Bag points out that Michael will probably trick Lincoln to get Scylla away from them. T-Bag tells the General that they should hold Sara hostage as leverage. The General send T-Bag to go get her.

Self crawls out of the ocean, alive.

Michael, Lincoln, and Mahone enter pretending to rob the bank. Michael takes the case and they leave. There are a bunch of Christina's agents waiting for them outside and it's an all out gunfight. Lincoln tells Michael to run but Michael tells him they should stay together. Michael and Mahone run off.

Sara is still at the apartment waiting for Michael. She grabs a knife when she hears someone breaking in. She creeps, not very quietly, to the bedroom where she finds an open window and then T-Bag grabs her from behind. She shakes him off but he tackles her. Michael then calls Lincoln but he doesn't answer. The General calls and tells him that he'll kill Sara if Michael doesn't bring him Scylla. Mahone tells Michael to take it to him. Christina then calls and tells Michael that she has Lincoln and she's going to shoot him in the chest cavity and he'll be dead in five hours if she doesn't get Scylla. She shoots him while on the phone and now Michael must choose between Lincoln and Sara.

Next week, the season finale of Prison Break. We'll finally find out whether or not Michael and Lincoln will ever be free. And, two people are going to die.

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