'Prime Suspect' Season 1 Preview Guide: See Jane Run (After Criminals)
'Prime Suspect' Season 1 Preview Guide: See Jane Run (After Criminals)
The original British series may have equal amounts of action and intrigue, but NBC's Prime Suspect has actress Maria Bello taking center stage. The upcoming police drama has been dubbed as a re-imagining of the original and has its own shocking twists to offer.

What to Expect on Prime Suspect Season 1:

Surrounded by arrogant men in the squad, homicide detective Jane Timoney (Bello) has to rely on her own skills just to get through the day. Despite all her troubles, her tenacity becomes one of the tools that help her solve cases and track down suspects.

If you haven't noticed from all the previews for Prime Suspect season 1, Jane's a rogue outsider who manages to get the job done no matter what. But her reputation precedes her, as rumors about an affair with her boss surround the office. 

Jane's going to need to work twice as hard to earn the respect of her colleagues. Luckily, she can be as ruthless as the rest of them while still maintaining her own brand of charm. With a unique outlook and an eye that won't miss a beat, she knows what she can do. But she isn't above flaunting it like the guys have been doing.

Below, you can watch another clip from Prime Suspect season 1. In it, Jane tackles a case and finds a different angle that none of the guys could've seen. She also uses her own approach to convince a witness to talk, even though no one else could make him divulge anything. She also manages to berate a raucous cab driver.

There's just no messing with Jane Timoney. After getting beat up and ostracized for being a woman, she still has time for a fancy dinner. 

Don't miss the premiere of Prime Suspect season 1 as it airs September 22 at 10pm on NBC.

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