'Pretty Little Liars': Will Alison Be Queen Bee Again?
'Pretty Little Liars': Will Alison Be Queen Bee Again?
Rachelle Thomas
Rachelle Thomas
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Alison is alive and well on Pretty Little Liars. Emily, Aria, Spencer and Hannah's presumed dead pal is back and causing trouble with the foursome already. Could it be that Alison will once again be the queen bee of the group?

It is no secret that when Ali was alive she was calling all the shots. Even though she is in hiding from A, Alison is still calling the shots. Sure the tight foursome knows that their pal is alive but not one of them knows how to contact her. Alison is the one reaching out to the group when she deems necessary. 

Divide and Conquer

Although it seems as of now the only one Ali cares to see is Emily. Twice now Emily has been asked to meet Alison, alone. That alone is causing some tension between Em and her three besties. Spencer blew Emily's most private meeting with Alison and the two only just made up. Emily's anger toward Spencer definitely caused Aria and Hannah to take sides. Seriously did you notice how it was pretty much Spencer and Hannah together and Aria and Emily together in "Bite Your Tongue"? It is a classic Alison move, divide and conquer. Emily's the easiest one to manipulate because of their special connection and it worked for a little bit. If Emily's dad hadn't ended up in the hospital, who knows how long Emily would have waged the cold war on Spencer. 

All the Secrets

If Alison is looking to gain back her title of Queen Bee it might not be that hard. Hannah, Spencer, Aria and Emily are already keeping secrets from each other. Ali's journal quickly had all four girls trying to cover their tracks. Again it is a classic Alison move, have some serious dirt on each friend so they won't tell their secret or any of yours. Secrets not only have a way of coming out but also cause some major problems and I foresee this happening to the Pretty Little Liars group. Remember though sometimes Alison wants her secrets to get out.

Hold the Power

Whether or not Alison is actually in her own twisted way trying to regain her role in the group remains to be seen. However what is becoming quite clear is that without even realizing it the four friends are once again giving Ali all the power. She may not be pulling the purse strings so to speak anymore but her actions are reminiscent of the past. 

Is Alison really being haunted by A, better known as Ezra (for now), or is she part of a bigger master plan tat we don't know yet? Since she has risen from the dead Alison seems to have taken her place at the helm of her group of friends. She may not physically be there but her presence front and center is hard to miss. 

Pretty Little Liars airs on Tuesdays at 8pm on ABC Family. 

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