'Pretty Little Liars' Season 2: 'It's Alive' Tonight
'Pretty Little Liars' Season 2: 'It's Alive' Tonight
With last season's finale, questions were left unanswered for the fans of Pretty Little Liars. Now, the long wait is over as the series debuts its sophomore season tonight with the episode "It's Alive."

It's back to the events that occurred in the church, as the girls are forced to recount the details of their story to the police. Their families are concerned as well, especially when none of them is able to keep their facts straight. As the mystery of Ian's disappearance looms over them, the girls are sent to a therapist (guest star Annabeth Gish) to provide some answers.

Another problem that they'll be dealing with tonight is the identity of A, who has continued to be a menacing presence despite all the secrecy. It's getting deadlier and deadlier for the Rosewood gang, not to mention guiltier and guiltier.

Will Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer be able to keep up the ruse? Or will they trust their therapist and tell her everything they know? You might find some answers on the three clips for tonight's episode of Pretty Little Liars below.

In the first video, the girls talk about what could've happened to the body. Surrounded by the townspeople, they let paranoia get to them and believe that A is somewhere nearby, watching their every move.

The next clip shows Spencer expressing her views to Melissa and her family. Sounds like she's given up hope of Ian's return.

We get our first look of the girls and their therapist on the last video. It's all tense in the room, but will she be able to help them out in the end? 

These issues aren't the only things creeping about in their minds. The girls also have to face problems regarding their relationships. Aria has broken up with Ezra, Spencer has been banned from seeing Toby, and Hanna runs into an unexpected flame.

Catch all that and more once the second season of Pretty Little Liars premieres. "It's Alive" will air tonight at 8pm on ABC Family.

(Image Courtesy of ABC Family)