'Pretty Little Liars' Season 2: A's Phone, Evil Lucas and Other Top Moments
'Pretty Little Liars' Season 2: A's Phone, Evil Lucas and Other Top Moments
The winter half of Pretty Little Liars' second season has provided a wealth of drama as the girls get closer to unraveling the secret of who is terrorizing them following the death of their friend. In honor of "A Day," let's take a look back at the moments that had us talking the most.

A is an Avid Green Thumb

This season got underway in dramatic fashion, when Emily and Spencer devised a plan they hoped would trap A in the local greenhouse. They successfully lured their target, but weren't able to get the job done. However, during the ensuing chase, A dropped their phone and laid the foundation for the wealth of revelations that followed.

Lucas Breaks Bad

Lucas had long been a trusted friend of Hanna's, which made it all the more surprising when he turned out to be working with A. It all began with some threatening calls into the town's suicide prevention hotline from a familiar voice. Emily was able to decipher the identity of the caller as Lucas, but by that time it was too late. He already had Spencer cornered in the attic of her parent's lake house. We cheered when Spencer was able to get away, but it didn't appear that Hanna would be so lucky as she and Lucas started rowing out on a foggy lake.

Lucas made a move that triggered Hanna's already frayed nerves, leaving her little choice but to fend him off by clocking him upside the head with a boat oar. Lucas fell overboard and was seemingly left for dead. In subsequent episodes, A planted the seeds that Lucas was not really dirty and that his move on the boat was made with pure intentions. It's difficult to believe that, but as viewers, it's been disappointing that the show has seemed to abandon the Lucas plotline since it delivered some of the season's best suspense.

Allison's Final Moments Caught on Tape

It seemed to take a while for the girls to remember that they had A's phone and unlimited access to one of the world's greatest computer hacking minds in Caleb. Either way, once they finally shifted their focus on the phone, it provided them a wealth of goodies. Most notably was the piece-by-piece decoding of a video that showed first Garrett and Jenna waiting in Allison's room the night of her murder, but then eventually Spencer's sister, Melissa. To date, we haven't seen if there's any additional footage that will be uncovered from the phone, but the device has been a clever resource for the writers to deliver more clues effectively about what happened to their slain Lolita.

Call Me Vivienne Darkbloom

On the topic of Lolita, it seems Allison was a devotee of the Vladimir Nabokov novel. So much so that she created an alter ego for herself by the name of Vivienne Darkbloom. The girls discover this by exploring a coat that doesn't seem to fit their late friend's signature style. Inside the coat they discover an unknown phone number that leads us to a fellow named Jonah. Jonah worked at the phone company and is about as inspiring a character as you would expect him to be as a former phone worker. Despite his lack of charisma or interesting dialogue, Jonah does hold the knowledge of where A has been sending their texts. It takes a roundabout explanation, but we were plenty shocked to learn that they were coming from a law office where Melissa had been interning. This revelation was the first clue to Spencer and the rest of the girls that Melissa could have played a role in Allison's death.

Hanna Saves the Day

Hanna was in the right place at the right time on Jason's porch when she saw an incapacitated Jenna inside his smoldering house. She rushed inside to save her complicated acquaintance seconds before the house exploded. The moment of valor appeared to provide the evidence Jenna finally needed to trust that the girls not out to get her. However, in subsequent episodes, clues, or lack there-of, have us wondering if Jenna wasn't pulling the strings the entire time.

Jenna Can See

Throughout the season, Jenna has been undergoing experimental operations in an attempt to regain the sight that was taken from her at the hands of the Liars. At the moment she's to discover if the operations have worked, she's clearly disappointed that she'll continue to have to live in darkness. But as we've come to expect from Jenna, things aren't always as they appear. The closing scene of this season's penultimate episode is one that is going to leave an indelible mark on fans that have followed the show from the beginning, as well as those that will adopt the show for years to come in light of the critical response. Jenna sits at the mirror removing her lipstick planting a seed of doubt about how she's so precise in her movements; the doubt is substantiated in an instant as a fly bears the brunt of her restored sight with the swift swipe of a rolled-up newspaper.

ABC Family has taken to calling March 19 "A Day," in honor of the day we're going to find out who is behind the shadows of A. They have made this claim before though, so I'm still hesitant to fully believe that there will be the definitive answer we all want. Whatever happens though, if the show is able to deliver moments the rest of the way even half as compelling as the ones we've already seen this season, then we should all be satisfied.

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