'Pretty Little Liars' Fan Columnist: Happy Haunting, Liars!
'Pretty Little Liars' Fan Columnist: Happy Haunting, Liars!
Jen Abidor
Jen Abidor
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As if Pretty Little Liars weren't frightening enough, throw in some Halloween and the result is almost more terrifying than a horror movie. This Halloween event takes place in a day completely foreign to us PLL viewers; a time when Ali was still alive, Jenna could still see, Hanna was still hefty, Aria was still rockin' the pink streaks in her hair and Emily was still very much in the closet.

The episode gave us a little glance into the circumstances leading up to Ali's death, and I hate to speak ill of the dead, but the girl was a rhyme-with-witch...way too many people had motives to kill her. There's at least one person vigilantly stalking Alison through a particularly creep-tastic mask, could it be A? Or could it just be one of the many people who revisited Rosewood this week?

Hey there, stranger

The back-in-time concept made it possible for Pretty Little Liars to bring back lots of characters. Alison, of course, was back in rare form. Ian was alive and Melissa was blissfully unaware that Ian was filming her little sister's devious bestie. Also present in pre-A Rosewood? Noel Kahn, Officer Tilden, Lucas aka Shim (Poor Lucas!) and Jason DeLaurentis-- the writers are just totally pretending that Drew Van Acker has played him from the start. Oh, and Daddy Montgomery's mistress was there too, but no one really likes her...

The more things change, the more they stay the same

After Ali's death many things changed, obviously.... Hanna lost her fat suit (err...I mean, weight), Aria started styling her hair like a grown up and Emily ditched her bozo boyfriend (who, classily, spread a rumor that they had sex) and came out of the closet. Mona lost her nerd factor to become the Queen Bee-yotch herself. Toby just lost his mother, and Jenna just moved to town. 

Still many things remain unchanged. Spencer still dealt with her overbearing family and standing in Melissa's shadows. Hanna's mom hung out with a very suspicious Officer Tilden. Most importantly, psycho stalkers were still around--Alison received full on A treatment before her death. 

Trick or Treat

The major events of the episode revolve around Noel's Halloween party. Alison meets Jenna and warns her not to dress as Lady GaGa, as she plans on being Lady G herself. When Jenna refuses to succumb to Ali's manipulation, we start to see the seeds of discontent planted between them. Can I just say, I really liked Jenna here (yes, even when she awkwardly danced by herself).

Aria was almost absent from the party because she just found out that her dad cheated...and with a student! Her own teacher liaison was missing, of course, because he hadn't moved to Rosewood yet. Sigh, I guess we have to wait until January from some Ezria.  But with a little guilt from Alison she showed up as a witch.

Hanna dressed as Britney Spears, Emily as Pocahontas and Spencer as some queen which she explained, but I got bored...Spencer can be so a-dork-able sometimes! All goes downhill when they get a frantic text from Alison that she's in trouble. This leads to a scary sequence in a spooky house and the girls think Alison was about to be murdered by the guy in the creepy zombie mask. But, the teen queen laughs them off, explaining that the whole thing was planned by her and Noel as a prank.

The joke's on her though: Noel wasn't even there. It was another masked villain... maybe Lucas, who had the same mask, or maybe another of the several party-goers! One of them (or more) ends up being A, and sends the inaugural A text to Alison. And the rest is Pretty Little Liars history!

So, did this episode satisfy your Pretty Little Liars cravings or leave you wanting more? Did it answer any of your burning questions about Alison's past? Can you wait until January?

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Classic Quotes: Foreshadowing Edition

"If I told you that I'd have to kill you..." -Jason to Alison 

"I'm sure we'll never see him again" - Hanna's mom on Officer Tilden

"One day she'll get what's coming to her..." - Lucas to Mona about Alison

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