'Pretty Little Liars' Fan Columnist: A's Unfair in Love and War
'Pretty Little Liars' Fan Columnist: A's Unfair in Love and War
Jen Abidor
Jen Abidor
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Ah, love. L-o-v-e, love.  Pretty Little Liars usually puts mystery first and romance second, so it was interesting to see the order reversed this week. Every couple, except for Spoby, ran into some trouble this week, and surprisingly it wasn't only A's fault. 

Aria loves Ezra? Or Jason? 

Love triangles are always fun, but they're even more exciting when they're between ex-english teachers and suspected murderers. The writers teased us this week with some hot and heavy Ezria make out sessions ... only to reveal that they were not only Aria's dreams, but that Ezra suddenly turns into Jason. Scandalous! Aria is torn between two lovers, but she tries to make it work with Mr. Fitz. Jason complicates this by kissing her (eek!) but it's even more complicated than that: Spencer and Emily found Jason's dark room...filled with surveillance equipment and creepy pictures of Aria. They quickly run away, but accidentally leave a lit flashlight behind. Uh-oh.

Emily loves Samara

... So leave it to A to get in the way. As if destroying Emily's future and messing with her health wasn't enough, now she's trying to wedge herself between Samara and Emily. When the duo enjoys a poker night with Samara's friends, A forces Emily to give her number to another girl, claiming "she owns her." This puts an end to Samily, for now, leaving Emily all alone. Poor Em. 

Hanna loves Caleb

It turns out that the cop following Caleb was actually a PI hired by his birth mother. At first Caleb is hostile, but he eventually gets in touch with her, and decides to move to California. He shares a tearful goodbye with Hanna, as they exchange "I love yous." Hopefully, this isn't a real goodbye to Tyler Blackburn. 

Caleb's familial love warms Hanna's heart and she decides to participate in her dad's wedding (she wasn't going to because of all the drama from last week.) 

The Montgomerys love Mike

The kleptomaniacal younger Montgomery child seems to be getting worse every week. Now, he can't even leave his bed, and his parents are trying to figure out what to do. Is he just depressed, or is it more than that? 

Jenna loves Garrett (and seeing!) 

The only thing scarier than a blind Jenna is a Jenna with all five senses. Turns out Jenna might be able to see any day now...she's getting a cornea transplant. The liars debate whether this is a good thing or a bad thing, and frankly only time will tell. For now, she is still relying on Garrett. The two spy on Jason and Aria, getting nervous that they're getting closer each day. Jenna's nervous about what Jason might spill, and this leaves me wondering about the whole Jason thing. 

When Jason realizes someone was in his room, he gets all demonic, or something. When the girls return, it's completely empty, minus the flashlight. They know the jig is up. The question is: is Jason's red room just a red herring? Is Jason really crazy, or is this another case of the Tobys? Is Aria in danger? 

As the episode closes, a photo of Spencer and Emily snooping develops in the dark room. Looks like they're all in danger. The question is: who should they be running from?

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