'Pretty Little Liars' Fan Columnist: United They Stand, Divided They Fall
'Pretty Little Liars' Fan Columnist: United They Stand, Divided They Fall
Jen Abidor
Jen Abidor
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
This week's episode was all about separation anxiety: Aria from Ezra. Hanna from Mona. Emily from Rosewood. Spencer from ... Ian? But, most importantly, the liars from each other. Under doctor's orders, the girls are enduring a trial separation period. But, have no fear, their forbidden friendship just makes them work together even more, especially when several break-ins occur around town and they assume that A is involved. 

The girls are still reeling from last week's revelation that Ian might just be alive ... with cell service, because "zombies can't text." However, Ian isn't the only creepy older boy lurking around. Jason DiLaurentis is back in town, recycling Ali's memorial, scaring away dogs, building fences and acting generally shady. Plus, we still need to know what "the Jason Thing" hinted at in last week's episode is all about.

Sadly, the girls kept up appearances and didn't get much together time this week, but they each dealt with their own mini-dramas:

Poor Spencer doesn't know who to trust these days. Melissa had the first ultrasound for her half-human, half-devil baby, and it's getting harder and harder to believe that she isn't somehow involved in all of the drama. 

Spencer plays domestic goddess and brings some store-bought brownies (between solving murder and doing homework, who has time to bake anymore...) over to Jason in order to snoop around a bit. She asks him some questions, but he turns the tables on her asking if Ian actually said the words, "I killed Ali." Though Spencer tries to explain that his actions (i.e. attempting to both frame and murder Spencer) spoke louder than words, Jason seems skeptical. This leads to a flashback with Ali stealing Jason's Japanese anime porn magazine and declaring that she has many hiding spots in her house. Foreshadowing much?

Meanwhile, Spoby seems to be doing well. Toby dropped out of school to start a job at a construction company in order to eventually escape the evil monster that is Rosewood, PA. Unfortunately, our favorite misunderstood character is fired on his very first day, simply because he's Toby and he was suspected of that whole murder thing. Poor kid can't seem to catch a break.

Towards the end of the episode, Spencer learns that she isn't the only liar in the family. Melissa claims she hadn't left the house, but Spencer finds her rainy jacket and begs to differ. With the ultrasound in the pocket, Spencer deduces that big sis may have been with her alive-again husband. I smell trouble.


As part of her therapy, Emily's mom suggests that she have limited access to her cell phone, a throwback to the "good old days." Emily suggests that lack of cell phone is comparable to using kerosene lamps and milking your own cows (a fact which is probably true for today's teens). However, when Emily realizes that her harddrive was deleted she manages to call Spencer, and not on a rotary phone.

Last week, Emily's days in Rosewood were numbered. However, she may be able to float along (literally). When a swimming scout from Danby College lures her with a probable scholarship, even her parents realize that she should stay in town.

Also in town? New girlfriend Samara. Samara and Emily get some one-on-one time, but it seems like Emily might not be over Maya just yet. 


Papa Marin is back in the picture again, only because Hanna is in trouble. Hanna points this out to her dad, and they have a heart-to-heart. In other news, he and Ashley were pretty chummy this episode. Maybe the Montgomerys aren't the only parents with a reunion in the stars? 

Speaking of reunions, after ignoring Mona for most of the episode, Hanna finally forgives her. Mona is new to the whole "forgiveness" thing, and they decide that Noel and Caleb will be off-limits in their future conversations. No sign of Caleb again this episode, but hopefully Hanna can spread the forgiveness to him too.


It's Mr. Fitz's last few days as a teacher at Rosewood High, but Aria can't seem to get over the whole Jackie thing. Mona asks Aria to help pick out a farewell gift for the beloved teacher, because she knows him so well...from the play, of course. Aria picks a copy of "To Kill a Mockingbird," the book that started their whole relationship. Talk about bookends. 

Ezra desperately wants to talk to Aria, so she agrees to meet him at his apartment. She waits a while, but he gets caught up at a meeting and she finally loses her patience and leaves him a note saying goodbye. Aria rushes straight to Spencer's, but runs right into one of the infamous break-ins and gets shoved by the burglar. Note: her hair still manages to look perfect.

The next day in class, Ezra delivers an awkward speech to the whole class that is clearly meant for Aria. She finally gets her act together, runs out to his car as he starts to leave (because it's not like he lives two minutes away from her, or anything) and kisses him...in public! And boy, what a kiss it is. Such a great kiss, that it cleared the stormy skies and made the sun come out. 

Bottom Line

The girls decide that they have to stay together, "no matter how much lying it takes." That's the spirit, liars. They start to think that the break-ins might not be A, but could be Ian stealing things that he needs to survive. But, if he and Melissa are seeing each other, then why isn't she bringing him stuff the easy way? Jason is hiding something (or someone) too. He claims to be building a fence to keep people out, but he might be trying to keep one on the run murderer in. When a gloved figure gets chummy with the dog in Jason's backyard, it seems very possible. Then again, on Pretty Little Liars anything is possible.

Texts from A:

A wasn't around too much this episode, but we're sure that he/she/shim is just around the corner. She did manage to send one text to the girls when they were sitting apart at lunch, 

"Look at you all alone in the crowd...I win! Xoxo- A"

Burning Questions:

- Is Jason hiding Ian?
- What is "the Jason thing"?
- How is Melissa involved?
- If Ian's alive, and it's starting to look like it, how on earth did he survive the fall? 

According to ABC Family, we should have some solid answers by episode four. But in true Pretty Little Liars fashion, I'm sure we'll have even more new questions next week.