'Pretty Little Liars' Fan Columnist: Festival of Frights
'Pretty Little Liars' Fan Columnist: Festival of Frights
Taylor Strode
Taylor Strode
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In this episode, we got to see more of PLL hottie, Caleb! I hope that this was not our final time getting to see him.

This week, Garrett keeps a close watch on the girls as Rosewood celebrates Founders' Day. Meanwhile, the girls hide their feelings and the status of certain relationships, such as Hanna's love for the boy who broke her heart and Spencer's friendship with Toby.

Heartbroken Hanna

Hanna is still upset over what happened with Caleb. She confronts him at school and finds out that Jenna was looking for a key that she thinks Ali gave to one of the girls.

Caleb comes to Hanna's house while she isn't there and talks to Ashley. He tries to give her a letter before he leaves for Arizona, but Ashley tells Caleb to go to the festival and give her the letter.

At the festival, Hanna runs off as soon as Caleb pops up. Mona talks to Caleb, and Caleb gives her the letter. When he leaves, Mona rips up the letter and throws it in the trash. The letter told Hanna to call him and that he loves her.

Hanna learns from her mom that Caleb is leaving town. At the festival, Hanna and Aria see Caleb leaving, but Hanna doesn't try to stop him.

Trouble for Spence

Spencer receives a call from Toby, but her mother tells her that she shouldn't answer because if she hangs out with Toby the police may get the wrong idea. She decides to meet Toby at the fall festival that night.

At the festival, Spencer works with Melissa, Ian and a neighborhood lady set up a table. Spencer listens to Melissa and Ian talk about a resort that they stayed at once. Melissa sounds like she's lying about being there with Ian at that time.

Spence receives a text from an unknown number claiming to be Toby saying to meet her in the funhouse. She goes in there and finds "Shut up or I'll shut you up -A" written on a wall.

Spencer winds up walking into a closet, which she gets locked into presumably by A. After she gets out of the closet, she runs to Toby and kisses him.

Aria and Ezra

While at school, Aria "accidentally" spills Ezra's coffee and asks him is he wants to spend time at his house on the weekend. He tells her that they can talk about it at his place over dinner.

When she gets to his place, she accidentally turns his laptop on. She discovers a picture of a woman, named Jackie, wearing a wedding ring next to Ezra.

She tells Ezra that she feels like he knows everything about her but not vice versa. She learns that Jackie was the first woman Ezra proposed to, but she denied his proposal.

Ezra asks if Aria was upset about the picture being on the Internet or them not being able to take a picture together. Aria gets the idea to put paper bags over their faces bad take a picture,

When Aria leaves Ezra's, Garrett sees her. He later knocks on Ezra's door and tells him that he wants to talk about a student.

Em and Paige

Paige is still having trouble coming out to her parents. She and Em decide to meet up with a gay girl, Samantha, who can help her come out of the closet. They meet at a restaurant, but Paige doesn't show up.

Later at the festival, Em and Paige meet up with Samantha. Paige begins to feel jealous and lashes out at Samantha. Em decides to leave the festival then. 

At home, Em receives a message that says

Poor Em. You definitely have a type: Love me, lie for me. -A

This brings up a  flashback, where Ali brings Em a snow globe that Ali says is more valuable than it looks. After the flashback, Em goes to the snow globe and finds a key that goes to Raymond Store Plus under it.

She immediately tells the other girls. They go and open the storage unit and discover Ali's old lunchbox with a USB drive in it. It has an old video of the girls on it.

Who do you think locked Spence in the closet? Will Paige ever come out to her parents?  Will Caleb be back in Hanna's life? Weigh in below.

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