'Pretty Little Liars' Fan Columnist: Lie, Lie Again
'Pretty Little Liars' Fan Columnist: Lie, Lie Again
Taylor Strode
Taylor Strode
Conributing Writer, BuddyTV
I loved this episode of Pretty Little Liars! We were introduced to another new character this week. Her name is Paige, and she is played by Lindsey Shaw. I have loved her ever since her Ned's Declassified days!

In this episode, Em faces trouble when a new swimmer arrives. Aria and Ezra attempt to have their first date in public. Hanna is still being manipulated by A, and Spencer confronts an ugly part of her past.

Emily versus Paige: Em decides to return to swimming and she gets an unwelcoming welcome from a new swimmer named Paige. Paige tries to bribe the swim team to pick her as captain , but they don't buy it. One day after practice, Paige makes a homophobic slur at Em.

At lunch, Em lets Spencer know about what happened. She also finally opens the gift that Paige tries to bribe her with. It is a bracelet just like Ali's. Spencer tells Em's coach, and the coach has a talk with Em and Paige. The next day while Em is swimming, Paige tries to drown her. Paige lets her know that she would never rat out another teammate and that Em better watch her back.

Aria and Ezra's first date: Spencer gives Aria two tickets to a gallery opening in another town, and she decides to use the tickets to have her first public date with Ezra. He agrees to it. Thanks to A, Ella receives a ticket from the "PTA" to the same art gallery.

When the time arrives for her to go to the gallery, her car stops working. She calls Aria's dad, and he is unable to fix the car. He decides to drive her to the gallery, and they share a kiss. Back at school, Aria hears from Ella that she received a ticket to the gallery the same day she and Ezra were on their date.

Hanna being manipulated by A: Ashley Marin receives a phone call that she needs to come into work to talk about something. She and Hanna both think that it concerns the money Ashley stole. At school, Hanna gets a note from A:

Wanna help Mama get $$$. Show Aria's mother what her daughter's been hiding. -A

A gave Hanna a ticket to the art gallery Aria will be at. Hanna sneakily gives her the letter and tells her that the ticket is from the PTA. After giving Ella the ticket, she suggests that Aria and Ezra take a break. Aria and Hanna then have an argument.

After skipping out on a class, Hanna receives detention. In detention, she spots Caleb. She tells him that she needs a way to stop Ella from attending the gallery show.

After school, Hanna visits her mom at work and learns that the woman Ashley stole the money from passed away. The next day at school she talks to Caleb. She learns that he stopped Ella from getting to the gallery by messing with her car.

Spencer and her troubling past: Spencer talks to Jason about the picture of Ali she received. Jason gets a P.I. to inspect the picture. He tells Spencer that he may have taken it, but he isn't sure because he was high. He lets her know that he and Ian used to get high together. Spencer is surprised because she thought he wasn't the type to do that.

Spencer and Em get into an argument when Em confronts her about telling her coach.

Spencer takes the bracelet from Paige to the store where it was made. She tries to figure out who came in and asked for a match to Ali's bracelet. She learns that it was herself. She then has a flashback of an argument between her and Ali. At the end, Ali stormed out of the house, and Spencer followed behind her. Outside her window, Spencer notices Jason in Ali's old bedroom.

Do you think Paige is hiding a secret? Will Ezra and Aria stay happy in their relationship? Leave your responses in the comments.

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