'Pretty Little Liars': 15 Things We'll Never Forget about Spoby
'Pretty Little Liars': 15 Things We'll Never Forget about Spoby
Kartik Chainani
Kartik Chainani
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It looks like the Toby/Spencer relationship might be officially over, Pretty Little Liars fans. Toby's in a new relationship and on the precipice of engagement, while Spence is falling head over heels for Caleb. Things are currently a little rocky, but it looks like the best days are behind Team Spoby. In honor of their swoon-worthy relationship, let's take a look back at some things we'll never forget about their relationship.

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1. When Toby Admitted He Could Never Stop Loving Her

1-PLL-Love.gif Toby said this to Spencer, who still was on the defensive. She took a swing at Toby, but he caught her hand. Spencer stopped fighting her love and kissed Toby.

2. Falling Asleep Holding Hands

2-PLL-Hands.gif Right after the time they had that steamy moment of passionate sex in the motel room, Toby and Spencer fell asleep looking into each other's eyes and holding each other's hands.

3. The Homemade Rocking Chair

PLL-Rocking-Chair.jpg When Spencer went off the grid after Melissa went to see a specialist about her irregular heart rate, Toby showed up at her place to check up on her. He then presented her with a beautiful, handcrafted chair made by yours truly. He then reminded Spencer that he's always going to be there for her, and he's not going anywhere.

4. How They Constantly Surprised Each Other

4-PLL-Surprise.gif Remember that time Spencer showed up to surprise shirtless Toby at work, digging ditches? Or how about that time Toby surprised Spencer by creeping outside her window? Whether good surprises or bad, these two know how to keep each other on their toes.

5. When One of Them Cried, So Did The Other

5-PLL-Crying.gif It was always so beautiful to see how empathetic Spencer and Toby were with one another. They really felt what each other was feeling, no matter how unrelated their problems were. They took on everything together.

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6. How They Had Each Other's Backs

7-PLL-Backs.gif No matter what Spencer was going through or what people thought of Toby, these two always stood by each other's side. It was hard to do so at times, and sure, they were often uncertain, but at the end of the day, they were loyal.

7. When Toby was Dead to Spencer

Toby Marion Grave.jpg They didn't always have good times. Remember when Spencer was waiting to see flowers from Toby but instead found them at his mother's grave? It got a little dark when she engraved his name on her mother's tomb, symbolizing he was dead to her. This wasn't a happy Spoby moment, but an important one nonetheless.

8. That Time They Played Scrabble

PLL-Scrabble.jpg Okay, back to the good Spoby moments. Like all those times they enjoyed a rousing game of Scrabble while talking about everything that bothered them and just letting loose.

9. Toby Calling Himself Spencer's Boyfriend

Toby the Boyfriend.gif Toby made Spencer a huge breakfast and (against his better judgment) let her indulge in multiple cups of coffee. While she was stressing and dwelling on everything she had to deal with in life at the time, he told her to just enjoy the breakfast her boyfriend made her. Spencer loved hearing that.

10. The Way They Always Had Faith in Each Other

PLL-Faith.gif A lot of people believed Toby was "A." A lot of people also believed Spencer was a murderer. While these two occasionally lost faith, they always came back to their senses and granted each other the benefit of the doubt. This isn't something that's easy to do in Rosewood, so it's really saying a lot.

11. All Those Steamy Sex Scenes

Spencer-and-toby-sex.gif The make-up sex. The truck sex. The countless encounters in Spencer's bedroom. There are so many steamy moments to pick from. Spencer and Toby really knew how to go at it. Say what you will about them, but you can't deny their physical chemistry.

12. How Much They Confided in Each Other

PLL-Dont-Shut-Me-Out.gif That time Spencer told Toby about when she ran away at age seven was a great moment. She told him about how she ran away to the movies with a tuna sandiwch after a fight with her parents about an argument with Spencer. Her parents hadn't even noticed she was gone. Toby told her to call him if she ever got the urge to run away again. Sharing small secrets like this over a romantic fire really brought this couple closer together.

13. How Calming Their Presence Was to Each Other

PLL-take-a-breath.gif 14. The First "I Love You"

Spoby-ILY-PLL.gif Spencer showed up and surprised Toby with a truck she bought him herself. Yeah. A truck. Toby tells Spencer he loves her, to which Spencer replies, "I wanted to be the first one to say that." This was a cute first "I love you," but let's be honest, anyone would say that if someone just bought them a freaking car.

15. That They Weren't Just Lovers -- They Were Best Friends

PLL-High-Five-Spoby.gif They ride together, they die together. Spoby for life. Well, not so much anymore. Rest in peace to one of the best relationships in Pretty Little Liars history. Though we can't forget, nothing is ever truly dead in Rosewood.

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