12 Lies 'Pretty Little Liars' Is Telling Us About Early Adulthood
12 Lies 'Pretty Little Liars' Is Telling Us About Early Adulthood
Kartik Chainani
Kartik Chainani
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The time-jump in Pretty Little Liars has been a lovely look at what life looks like when you're a year out of college and reunite with your high school friends. However, it definitely hasn't been a very accurate one. We love watching Pretty Little Liars tell exaggerated stories to make things interesting, but feel that there are a few of these embellishments that need clarification. Life in your early 20s isn't going to be all careers, trips to Milan and Madrid and settling down. Here are a few lies that the PLL time-jump has told us about early adulthood.

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1. You'll Still Have the Same Career Goals You Had in High School

PLL-LieGIF1.gif Just because you're positive you know exactly what you want to do when you're seventeen, that can absolutely change tomorrow. That's not all. It can continue to change for the rest of your life. Being confident you want to work in fashion, or in publishing, or in politics is great and all, but life doesn't care about your plans.

2. You Will Have Much Success in That Career Right Off the Bat

PLL-CareerSuccess.gif Setting goals is great. Success is great too. That being said, it's completely okay if that dream job hasn't panned out straight out of college. You have your whole life to accomplish everything in your life, it's not all going to happen by the time you're 22.

3. You'll Find "The One" Immediately

jordan-pll.gif No offense to Hanna and Jordan or any of the other current PLL relationships, but getting engaged so young in life isn't always the best decision for everyone. We can see that Hanna is a very successful individual at such a young age, working in her dream industry and settling down with a rich hunk who shares her passion for fashion. However, settling down in your early 20s isn't a mark of success. At least, it shouldn't be. There is plenty that single adults need to experience as well that is equally as important as commitment.

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4. Meeting "The One" Will Be a Romantic Fairy Tale

PLL-Romantic.gif Hanna and Caleb met on some lavish, glamorous and dream-like fashion show in an exotic location. Probably. Spencer and Caleb fell in love sneaking in and getting drunk in coliseums in Madrid. Aria and Liam because infatuated over the tender words of F. Scott Fitzgerald in a forbidden workplace environment. Again, probably. These couples fell in love in very idealistic circumstances which occurred off-screen and are the norm for television and movies. However, they're not the norm for real life. When we're young and naïve, as well as when we're old and experienced, we don't all get the cliché meet-cute we dream of having in our twenties. That's fine. Our true loves happen when we're ready, which doesn't always follow our legal drinking age.

5. You'll Be Very Cultured

PLL-Cultured.gif Coming out of college means you're more than likely a little broke. Take a look at Emily. There is plenty of time in your life to experience travel, fine wine and other luxuries. Yes, it's important to do a lot of these things when you're young, but not having the means to do so immediately following college is completely fine. Everything happens in due time.

6. Selling Your Eggs Is the Smartest Way to Make a Quick Buck

PLL-Eggs.gif On the subject of being strapped for cash, we all have our ups and downs. Emily had a serious down. Though she received a sizable amount of insurance money after her father passed, she somehow blew it all and is left with no money for school. While Emily's first thought was to undergo major surgery and remove her eggs to earn some extra money, this is by no means the first resort (or any measure at all) that you'll need to reach for to stay living off the streets. And contrary to how Emily feels, looking to your parents for help in times of need isn't the worst thing in the world.

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7. You Shouldn't Live with Your Parents

PLL-Parents.gif Speaking of parents, the girls are all having a serious struggle readjusting to being back in their parents' houses. This is pretty understandable having lived on their own for four years, but have they not spent a couple weeks here and there back home for the holidays? Staying with mom isn't so unbearable that you need to find a separate apartment during your visit just a few blocks away, Hanna and Emily.

8. That High School Flame You Haven't Seen in Years Still Matters

toby-looks-crushed-6x14.gif Yes, the relationships we had in high school were very important because we needed those experiences to grow up a little bit. Being 22 should mature you enough that coming home and seeing that first kiss of yours doesn't make you all gaga and weak in the knees, reverting to your old ways in the drop of a hat. Especially if you've seemingly moved on and are currently in an adult relationship.

9. Your Taste in Drinks Will Be Hella Refined

PLL-Drinks.gif Remember that opening scene of the time-jump when Hanna was flying first class back home and casually sipping on a glass of scotch? And then later when the girls reunited, how they reminisced over cosmos, martinis and other fancy drinks? While that's all fine and good, there's nothing wrong with still being a shots kinda gal or casually sipping a crappy but cheap beer.

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10. Your Wardrobe Changes Drastically

PLL-Wardrobe.gif What happened to all of the plaid, mini skirts and denim jackets we've come to love? Did Aria, Emily and the others trade all of those out on their first days of college for professional corporate and high-end fashion attire? I still rock that Green Day shirt from sophomore year every once in a while and at least keep old high school shirts to sleep in.

11. You Won't Keep in Touch with Anyone from High School

PLL-LucasRunIn.gif In the age of social media outlets like Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat, not seeing your friends from high school in so long doesn't actually feel that long. You're most likely not going to be as out of the loop about what's going on in everyone's lives as the Liars seem to be about the rest of Rosewood.

12. Your New Connections Will Never be as Strong as Your High School Ones

Long-Live-Haleb.gif It's actually pretty sad how there doesn't seem to be any real spark between Aria and Liam, but even sadder about how surface-level Hanna and her soon-to-be groom's relationship looks. Jordan is seriously out-of-the-loop about everything that's going on with Hanna and only seems to know the same details you could find in a police report. If Hanna wants to marry this guy, shouldn't she be more free to talk about everything that's going on with her? We've seen her open up to Caleb, but she's supposedly been with Jordan for years. She should feel this same comfort with him at this point. Relationships you make in your adulthood are often more matured and open than those you made as a kid. Just because someone wasn't with you through your adolescence doesn't mean you can't be super close with them in your adulthood.

Are there any other lies the time-jump made you believe? Let us know in the comments below!

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