'Platinum Hit' Recap: Best of the Finale!
'Platinum Hit' Recap: Best of the Finale!
Champagne on the roof with Jewel and Kara -- celebrating no hook challenge! Jes, Sonyae and Scotty have no boundaries other than making a platinum hit, which proves to be difficult at first. But then, producer prodigy J.R. Rotem steps in and every song is the best it can be. Also, Leona Lewis is a guest judge. After a difficult deliberation, Sonyae wins and takes it all!

Top Five Moments:

5. No One Picks Jes: No, I'm not talking about hook challenges. Neither Scotty nor Sonyae pick Jes as the biggest competition. They all fight about who has the best skills, much to Jewel and Kara's amusement -- and mine.

4. Instruments: For the second time, Sonyae's lack of prodigy with instrumentation is an issue on paper, but luckily she worked with an excellent producer. But of course, that didn't really matter for Sonyae. Also, the full band and performance for each song really took it home.

3. J.R. Rotem: He's a good hit maker; the best guest on the show, easily. His piano skills, his tempo, his direction really made each song the contestants produced the best possible version. He's definitely one of the best things about this competition and hopefully he will be in the future.

2. The Audience: How cute was it that everyone's parents and loved ones were there? Scotty's boyfriend and father were sitting next to one another; his Dad even stood up. Jes screamed out when she saw her parents there. Also, former contestants (probably there as to keep its top 3 secretive)! There were multiple glimpses of Brian, Jackie, Karen, Melissa, Nick, Nevin, and Johnny; all of whom were really into the songs. They all gave their two cents, too!

1. The Songs Were Hits: Jes' 'Come Alive' was great and her best song yet; she really did prove that she belonged in the Top 3. Scotty's song 'Beautiful You' was fantastic; his voice shined and it was so inspired. Sonyae's song 'My Religion' was so clear conceptually and lyrically. Of course, there were some flaws in each; enough to make viewers wonder who would win. But Sonyae won! And her family and friends came out to support her. Aww, a happy ending!

Next time -- that was the season finale people! See you next season!

Emily E. Steck
Contributing Writer

(Image courtesy of Bravo)