5 Reasons to Watch New Bravo Hit, 'Platinum Hit'
5 Reasons to Watch New Bravo Hit, 'Platinum Hit'
Platinum Hit is going to be amazing. After the first episode, it has proven that it's a real contender. It might even be better than Top Chef. Here's five reasons it's great:

Reason 1: It turns out songwriters have huge egos.
I'm not sure whether it's because this is their livelihood and it's harder to make it big as a songwriter, so you have to have a big ego, or whether it's the type of profession that draws egos like that but some of these people are just ridiculous. My personal favorite is Nevin, who called himself a "leader of men," and actually said, "I sing for the widow, I sing for the orphan," and was not kidding.

Reason 2: Talent you can listen to!
They're all songwriters and musicians, so we get to hear their original music every week. It's exciting, especially when you consider the ridiculous time constraints they're under. It's so much better than Top Chef, where you can only look at the food and drool. We can hear these songs!

Reason 3: It's for songwriters, not singers
This is completely different from a singing competition because it's about the lyrics, the melody, and the structure of the song. It also proved that I am not good at judging songwriting or knowing anything about it because my favorite song was the judges' least favorite, and I thought the song they chose as the winner would be in the bottom. They really are judging the songwriting, and not just the performances. It's different!

Reason 4: A dog!
There's a dog on the show! Well, the dog is Blessing's Seeing Eye dog, since Blessing is blind, but the dog is so cute! He's one to watch.

Reason 5: There are some real characters on this show.
Seriously, I can not emphasize enough how interesting these people are. There's Nick, who at first you think is really arrogant but turns out to be talented and probably cool; then there's Sonyae, whose name is Sonyae. Oh, and it looks like Johnny and Jes are totally going to hook up on this show. We loves a showmance!

Kara DioGuardi is also on this show, as the head judge next to the host, Jewel. Jewel is still a little tentative as a host, but she's gaining confidence. Plus, she looks amazing. If I haven't given you enough reasons to watch the show, just give the first episode a try. If you like Bravo competition series, you will like this show!

(Image courtesy of Bravo)