'The Real Housewives of Atlanta' Recap: Major Milestones
'The Real Housewives of Atlanta' Recap: Major Milestones
Previously, Cynthia and Peter's one year anniversary party was mostly a disaster. Peter thinks it went great, though. The issues between Peter and Malorie persist, and Cynthia has had it. Meanwhile, Kandi and Kim meet to try to move forward from the argument about what was or wasn't said in South Africa. Kandi is honest about her part in it, but she does play a part in pointing the finger at Cynthia. Now they're friends again.

One year after NeNe filed for divorce, she is needing to think about finalizing the divorce. She just wants to be sure. I sort of feel like she and Gregg will get back together, especially after his great parenting last week. Phaedra is doing some parenting of her own, as she shows up late to Apollo's speech with Ayden in tow. He's speaking at something called "Passport to Manhood."

Kandi has been in touch with Jodi, that country-rock recording artist. They're just trying to decide which song to record first, and currently working on a concept about money growing on trees. Kandi has to force herself to think "what would people do?" or rather, "what would white people do?"

Sheree meets with her daughter, Tierra, who has just landed a job with a production company. Tierra has some news for Sheree--she thinks her boyfriend Damon is getting serious. Like, find a ring serious. Sheree is happy for Tierra, but recommends having her own money. Then she warns Tierra that Damon needs to call her before he does anything of his own accord.

Malorie approaches Cynthia at the Bailey Agency to let her know she's leaving for France, and to apologize for going crazy at the party. Cynthia tells her to leave and concentrate on her own life. "I just don't like you that much right now," Cynthia tells Malorie. They hug, and Malorie goes to France, leaving Cynthia next to pillars that read "DREAM" and "BELIEVE."

Finally, the main event. Phaedra is throwing Ayden a birthday party! She has hired four party planners and chartered buses to bring everyone to the party. So all the king's horses and all the king's men arrive at the water park, which is two hours away. Sheree is the only Housewife who shows, aside from Phaedra of course. A newly snatched-looking Dwight announces Phaedra and Apollo like royalty. "Where has Dwight been?" Sheree wonders, but is soon distracted by the parade of cakes. What the HELL?

TWELVE. CAKES. Phaedra throws the best, most lavish parties. "Last, but least is Southern Pound Cake," Dwight says, introducing the final cake. Poor Ayden. That's just too much cake.

Marlo visits Lawrence to come clean about saying the f-word. She admitted to saying it, which is cool, and fessed up to backpedaling in the moment. Lawrence tells her never to say it again, and she's like, "NEVER again?" I'm glad they included that little bit.

Sheree meets with Damon, Tierra's boyfriend. She confronts him about the engagement rumors, and Damon says he talked to Bob about it. This strikes Sheree as flat out wrong.

Kandi meets up with Jodi to preview the countrified version of her song about money growing on trees. It's not exactly a life-changing song, but it's fine. I don't know about this partnership, they have so many things they disagree on and Kandi is still trying to be polite about it.

For example, Jodi wants to preview the new song that same night at a songwriters event. Kandi is obviously opposed to it, but lets Jodi do whatever she wants.

NeNe is going to therapy to make a decision about the divorce. The therapist helps NeNe clear her head, but doesn't offer any concrete solutions. NeNe decides she needs some more time, because she doesn't necessarily want to leave Gregg but it would mean "a whole lot of forgiving and a whole lot of forgetting" if they stayed together. Isn't that what being together for so long is about?

Jodi is at the Bluebird Cafe, ready to perform Kandi's new song. Kandi sings backup for her, and puts on a brave face. It was a weird way to end the show, but I guess it was something about dreams coming true and taking the next step toward whatever.

Next week, some real stuff is happening! Rings, confrontations, Kroy coming home, and Ayden's weird christening!

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