'Parenthood' Spoilers: A Wedding, a Baby, and a New Hair-Do!
'Parenthood' Spoilers: A Wedding, a Baby, and a New Hair-Do!
Carla Day
Carla Day
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Parenthood returns this fall for its fifth season after getting a full season pick-up of 22 episodes.  At the NBC Television Critics Association Press Day (TCAs), Executive Producer Jason Katims and the Parenthood cast spoke about the upcoming season 5.

The Parenthood panel opened with a trailer that highlighted scenes from last season and then teased the upcoming season 5. 

  • Sarah asks Amber if she loves Ryan and she says, "yes." Then they discuss a wedding. Will Amber and Ryan get married?
  • Hank comes back! He knocks on Sarah's door. Could they get back together?
  • Kristina has a new, funky hair-do.
  • Jasmine and Crosby were shown with their beautiful baby.
Who's Here:

Monica Potter (Kristina)
Peter Krause (Adam)
Lauren Graham (Sarah)
Craig T Nelson (Zeek)
Max Burkholder (Max)
Sam Jaeger (Joel)
Erika Christensen (Julia)
Dax Shepard (Crosby)
Joy Bryant (Jasmine)
Mae Whitman (Amber)
Jason Katims (Executive Producer)

Highlights from the Panel:

  • When writing episodes, Katims asks, "What's going on with these characters now?" 
  • "One thing I'm really proud of in the show, these stories continue." For example, Adam and Kristina: "It's about what they have just been through." And, for Sarah, "the fact that she spent so much of her energy dealing with -- going between Hank and Mark -- I think this is a year of her figuring out her year and her life. And, not solely on her romantic life."
  • To prepare for the cancer storyline, Potter surrounded herself with women and families that were dealing with it. She didn't cut hair, instead she had a good bald cap which took 4 hours to put on.
  • Krause didn't reflect on the scenes last season, he wanted to do them and then forget about them. 
  • Whitman reflected on Amber's transition to adulthood, "The characters grow and change. You see them grow." Amber's gone from petulant teen to an adult.
  • "It's exciting to see now that she's in love with Ryan. What they bring out in each other." - Whitman
  • "I've done 18 years of TV and haven't been associated with a show this wonderful." - Nelson
  • "You may want to be a little concerned about Joel [and Julia]." - Katims
  • Katims likes bringing in guest stars. "Bringing in the outside world. A great example: Jason Ritter and Ray Romano. They helped built out the show and what it's capable of. Having people like Jason and Ray and John Corbin, we have opportunities. I'm excited for a bunch of new people that we have coming this year."
  •  There's a major role reversal for Joel and Julia. He has construction work coming his way, while Julia's still unemployed. It's been a joy to tell that kind of story. 
  • Parenthood season 5 picks up about 7-8 months later.
  • Shepard joked, "A lot more white walkers when we start the season." 
  • "I think there's been a lot of progress. I have an apartment. I have a bed" - Graham on Sarah.
  • "I'm the Schneider of the building. I'm the Super." - Graham. Sarah continues to struggle to find consistent employment and romance.
More from TCA: 

Parenthood moves to Thursdays at 10pm ET for season 5 September 26 on NBC.

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