'Persons Unknown': Videos and Preview of Series Premiere
'Persons Unknown': Videos and Preview of Series Premiere
Seven strangers have been abducted from their routine lives, only to find themselves in a deserted town where they have to fight one another to survive. On the premiere of Persons Unknown, NBC has audiences anticipating a new mystery-drama miniseries that will keep everyone guessing.

NBC Tries To Lure Fans to Persons Unknown

Tonight, we'll be meeting the seven individuals who have been trapped in suspicious surroundings. They soon find out that cameras are everywhere and someone is stopping them from leaving the place. There's no way out, unless they start killing one another.

However, the people behind the security cameras - an oxymoronic name, given the situation - are already doing a good job of putting them in danger. They'll be placed in the most perplexing and unpleasant situations, until they find a way around the puzzle. Clues are rare and cryptic, making them believe that this is all someone's idea of a mind game, or a terrible nightmare.

They don't find anyone else with them, and all means of communication to the outside world have been cut off. What else is there to do but try to escape? Traps are set up where they least expect it, just like cameras, resulting in a bunch of people running around to get back to their business.

Check out the trailer of the premiere episode of Persons Unknown below.

The seven subjected to the torture include banker Charlie Morse (Alan Ruck), mother Janet Cooper (Daisy Betts), Joe Tucker (Jason Wiles), Bill Blackham (Sean O'Bryan), counselor Moira Doherty (Tina Holmes), Sergeant Graham McNair (Chadwick Boseman), and party animal Tori Fairchild (Kate Lang Johnson). They'll all try to trust one another in order to get out of there alive, but with that message in the fortune cookie it seems almost impossible.

Also in the cast are Erika Taylor (Kandyse McClure), Mark Renbe (Gerald Kyd) and Kat Damatto (Lola Glaudini). Here's another promo for the upcoming season of Persons Unknown, where you can see more of Janet Cooper's life before her kidnapping.

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Don't forget to catch the premiere of Persons Unknown, as it airs tonight at 10pm on NBC.

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