'Parks and Recreation': Oprah, Helen Mirren and More 'Tammy 1' Casting Ideas from Megan Mullally
Meghan Carlson
Meghan Carlson
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Oh, what life must be like in the Nick Offerman/Megan Mullally house. He, the mustachioed stallion who plays the iconic Ron Swanson on Parks and Recreation. She, his real-life wife who plays his ex, Tammy 2, from time to (insane) time. Even if they're not leaving greasy footprints on the ceiling, getting midnight tattoos and ending up in jail together, I bet they have so much fun. Like when they're dream-casting their TV show together!

In the season 3 finale of Parks and Recreation, Mullally's character reappeared just in time to get word from Donna that Ron's first wife, "Tammy 1," was literally in the building. That was enough to send Tammy 2, who herself is a frighteningly unhinged woman, sprinting away in fear. The P&R audience caught a glimpse of the first wife's errant elbow through a window, left to wonder as one of the show's many finale cliffhangers: "Who is Tammy 1?"

Celebuzz spoke to Mullally, who's currently promoting the new season of Children's Hospital on Adult Swim, about which actress could play Tammy 1 so well that she'd believably intimidate even Tammy 2. According to Mullally, there is but one word, one name, one answer: "Oprah."

Well, actually, she's got a few other names in mind if Oprah's unavailable. From the interview:

Going into Parks & Recreation your husband Nick Offerman (who plays Ron Swanson on the show) recently said that he thought Oprah should play his first wife, Tammy 1, because she is the only person who could intimidate you. Do you agree with that?

Mullally: Yeah, I totally agree with that. That pitch actually came from a friend of mine I have known since first grade. Nick and I were in Oklahoma City, and we were having dinner with this guy and he said 'What about Oprah?' and Nick and I were like, 'Yes. What about Oprah, what about Oprah.' So we pitched that to [NBC] really hard but I don't think....I think they have to go somewhere in a realm that would be...I don't know, I don't know what they are thinking. I don't think Oprah turned it down, but I think they are trying to be a little more realistic [laughs].

Aside from Oprah, are there any other women that you'd like to see play Tammy 1?

Mullally: We were pitching a lot of people, we were pitching Helen Mirren, Rosie O'Donnell, Roseanne Barr. We tried to think of people that were intimidating but funny too. What do you think?

I think Helen Mirren would be pretty good.

Mullally: She would be so good! I like the idea that she is a little older. Ron likes the older ladies.

Have your own ideas for which older, beautiful, formidable actress should play Tammy 1? I've been thinking long and hard about it (about the last 20 seconds, while writing this sentence) and, if we're really talking DREAM casting here, I would add these names to the ideas list/vision board: Meryl Streep. Sharon Stone. Sigourney Weaver? Ooooooh, Helena Bonham Carter! Kathleen Turner. CGI-ed Elizabeth Taylor.

Your turn.

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