'Parenthood' Review: 'There's Something I Need to Tell You'
'Parenthood' Review: 'There's Something I Need to Tell You'
Carla Day
Carla Day
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
The title of tonight's Parenthood, "There's Something I Need to Tell You," at first glance appeared to reflect Christina's decision to tell the entire Braverman family about her breast cancer. As often happens on this incredible show, it meant so much more.

There were quite a few people that had something they had to say and get out in the open. None were as life-altering as Christina's announcement, but they were all important.

Julia Messed Up

The near-perfect Julia finally took on too much and she cracked. She made a huge mistake at work and while trying to correct it, she missed Sydney's recital, had a breakdown in the kitchen, and had to leave Victor's baseball game early.

As she told her bosses, she thought she could do everything, but she couldn't. I was glad to see that she didn't blame it on Victor. She did use the adoption as a reason, rightfully, for her screw up, but she didn't see it in a negative way.

Did Julia make the right decision to quit her job? I'm not sure in the long run, but at that moment for her it definitely was the right choice. Now, if the law firm is smart, they won't want to lose such a valuable employee and will come back to her and try to work out a curtailed schedule. Nine years being one of the best lawyers in the firm should count for something.

The Luncheonette Money Mess

Crosby and Adam's financial deal to start the Luncheonette was never make clear to the viewers. I wondered how they were able to get it started, support both families, and employees. For Adam to be making "almost" double Crosby doesn't seem fair. If Adam hadn't been going through a stressful time, he would have seen that when Crosby first brought it up. 

It was bad timing on Crosby's part, but he had no reason to know that. Kudos to Crosby for not dropping the subject; he has matured both personally and professionally over the last few years. It was time for him to get the respect and money that he deserves.

Messing Around in the Blackroom

Sarah has finally found a potential career that suits her in photography. It involves working with people, while also satisfying her creative abilities. While Hank has his idiosyncrasies, he has been a good mentor for Sarah. She is able to make some money and learn a trade at the same time.

Hank clearly was developing feelings for her, especially after Sarah was able to help him connect with his daughter. He was letting her in more than he probably has anyone in a long time. His kiss was not unexpected, but Sarah's feelings for him are unfortunate.

I adore Sarah and Mark together, but they do have issues. Will Hank get between Sarah and Mark? It's a tricky situation.

Telling the Family in the Mess Hall

Okay, it wasn't the Mess Hall, I had to find a way to make the header fit my theme. It was close though, as Christina told the whole Braverman family about her breast cancer at the pizza place.

Haddie's arrival home was one of the least surprising moments. Of course, she would want to come home even if just for a visit. When you get horrible news like cancer, you want to hold your mother tight to know she exists. While video chatting is better than a phone call or a letter, it doesn't replace seeing someone in person.

Her arrival provided Christina the perfect opportunity to tell everybody. As we didn't hear her tell Adam when she was first diagnosed, we didn't her her words here either. The words didn't matter. It was all about the reaction. The hearts of her loved ones breaking with the news.

Odds and Ends

  • Zeek and Ryan are a good pair. While Ryan thought Zeek was taking pity on him, they really need each other. Was Zeek trying to hook Ryan up with Amber? He would be the best suited boyfriend she's had in a while.
  • The cast was amazing during the Christina reveal scene. Though, I have to call attention to Peter Krause's performance when Adam was on the phone with Haddie. While watching you felt Adam's deep pain about Christina's cancer, but also his desire to be strong for his daughter. It's got to be difficult to pull of that level of emotion out with another actor performing the other side, but he was able to do it alone.
  • Victor's baseball game appearance was fun and uplifting, but a bit of a stretch to believe. I was surprised Joel didn't slug Zeek for interfering with the coach and didn't get more upset when Camille joined in.
  • I've cried with the Bravermans just about every week I've spent with them, but this episode probably topped all the others. Christina's cancer is definitely a difficult storyline to watch. I loved that it didn't trump all the other problems going on. Some of the other Bravermans are dealing with quite serious, though not life-or-death, situations of their own.
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