Will 'One Tree Hill' Outgrow its Audience
Will 'One Tree Hill' Outgrow its Audience
One Tree Hill is on the lookout for an older audience.  The jump into the future for many was the only way to go when the show delivered what was essentially a series finale.  Where would you pick up from dramatically when most of the loose ends were neatly tied up.  The problem with jumping five years ahead, is you can no longer point the show at its previous target demographic.

Virtually all of the characters will be moving on to more adult lifestyles, situations and problems.  There will still be the allure of the high school sports motif, but this time through the lens of an aging local hero who is now the coach.   From here on out, the One Tree Hill gang is looking for an older, more mature audience.  But where does that bring the late arrivals?

One Tree Hill's younger slanted demographic hasn't really changed as the show has gone on, which is a common criticism for the show.  As the die hard audience ages, the target audience stays the same.  Luckily those demos usually run in ultra wide four year swaths anyways.

With the new season, however, the younger elements of the show will become a backdrop for the dramatics.  A static reminder of the newer, more mature characters previous lives.  Instead of symbolizing the seemingly endless vigor of youth, they will now represent the moving on.  No longer are the characters on the edge of adult hood, they are now slipping into the void of age.

Sure, they will not be aging.  And the truth be known, there is bigger advertising dollars to be had from the new target age group.  But what about the younger viewers who hoped on in the last few years seeking a dramatized echo of their own aspirations and fears.  Are they prepared to suddenly age five years to ‘get' with the new One Tree Hill mindset?

- Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer

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