'One Tree Hill: Video: Find Out Who Took Nathan and Why
'One Tree Hill: Video: Find Out Who Took Nathan and Why
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Nathan Scott is missing on One Tree Hill and Haley is desperate for answers, But now we have them thanks to a very spoiler-heavy clip from the next new episode, "Catastrophe and the Cure."

In this clip, we see Nathan being helped by a group of European mobsters who are threatening to kill him. Seriously, if you don't believe me, watch for yourself.

So Nathan tried to sign a basketball player, and he's going to get killed for it? I love One Tree Hill, especially the crazy plots with psycho stalkers and heart-eating dogs, but this seems even crazier than usual. The entire set-up, and Nathan's relatively dismissive attitude towards the life-and-death situation he's in, all feels unreal.

I believe this clip will help get a lot of fans on-board with my "season 9 is Hell" theory. This scene feels unbelievable, literally, because it comes out of nowhere. We've barely seen Nathan at all this season, and now he's being held by European villains straight out of a Lethal Weapon movie? I almost expected one of them to say, "You can't stop us, we have diplomatic immunity!"

Now I'm really starting to think the answer to the mystery of One Tree Hill season 9 lies in Clay's storyline. He's in a fugue state where he has no idea what he's doing half the time, and perhaps the entire season exists in a fugue state, a dissociative reality where everyone's worst fears come true. Or maybe One Tree Hill creator Mark Schwahn and his writing staff were in a fugue state when they came up with this storyline.

As ridiculous as it is, there is one thing that could save this storyline: Dan Scott. The promo for this episode shows Dan arming up and getting ready to go after his son like Laim Neeson in Taken, and that over-the-top, action adventure might be silly enough to make it awesome.

What do you think of Nathan's kidnappers and this European mobster storyline?

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