'One Tree Hill' Fan Columnist: Haunted Halloween
'One Tree Hill' Fan Columnist: Haunted Halloween
Joy Atkinson
Joy Atkinson
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In honor of Tyler Hilton's return in the season 3 One Tree Hill Halloween episode, I'm writing this recap while listening to his latest tracks. How awesome would it have been for him to reappear as one of the open mic contestants? Oh, Chris Keller, I miss you.

Speaking of Hilton, who is your favorite One Tree Hill character of all time?>>

But, anyway, on to what happened tonight on OTH. In the episode, ironically titled "Not Afraid," Quinn saw Crazy Katie everywhere, clowns haunted Haley, and Brooke went up against Cruella de Vil. Jamie and friends went door to door, and Nathan explored a new career option.

Vampires and Zombies Galore

Unlike the rest of this season, this week's episode did not begin with "Dear Lucas." Instead the show started off with Quinn having a nightmare in which Clay, Crazy Katie, Nathan, Haley and Jamie all became vampires/zombies. Katie's attack has scarred Quinn for life (both metaphorically and literally). She continued to show her fears when she "saw" Katie on the surveillance camera. If we've learned anything from Psycho Derek and Nanny Carrie, Crazy Katie will definitely be back to reek more havoc, but when? With all the references I'd think she'd reappear very soon.


Sylvia, Julian's mother, has come to town to finance Julian and Brooke's wedding, since they can no longer afford to pay for it. She turns into a tyrant as she vetoes all of Brooke's plans, going so far as to insult the dress. Seeing as Brooke had a multimillion dollar clothing line, I really don't think Sylvia should be giving her fashion tips, but that's just me.

Off to Hogwarts

OTH combined my two greatest loves tonight: Harry Potter and Jamie. The outcome was cute scenes between three kids that was a nice break from the adults' drama. Eager to fill their bags with free candy, Jamie, Chuck and friend Madison, dressed as the magically magnificent trio Harry, Ron and Hermione, go trick-or-treating. Chuck tells his friends a story about a particular house whose owner "chops up kids." When Jamie is too scared to ring the doorbell, Chuck puffs out his chest and marches up to the door, real Jem Finch style. He is abducted by a man wearing a Jason mask and, naturally, Jamie and Madison are freaked out. But all's good because it turns out the man was Chuck's uncle who he'd teamed up with to scare Jamie. Congrats, Chuck! You are officially the meanest (and creepiest, two words: clown mask!) kid in Tree Hill.

Party Time

To celebrate the holiday, all the adults showed up at Tric for a dress-up party. (Cue Chris Keller in his batman costume.) Haley goes as herself in high school. Mia, in hopes of getting Chase back, shows up as a slutty mermaid. Mouth wears a fake six-pack under his shirt, but Lady Gaga clad Millie ends up going home with a hottie with some real abs.

Brooke buys Julian a clock to wear around his neck while she gets herself an orange costume. Her idea is that they will be "A Clockwork Orange," Julian's favorite movie. Unfortunately, Sylvia has bought herself the fitting costume of Cruella de Vil and dresses her grown son has a Dalmatian. These costume choices told us all we needed to know about Julian's mother-son relationship.

New Opportunities

After speaking with NFL prospect Troy Jameson, Nathan questions what he should do next. Haley assures him he'll find something he's good at. If you ask me, Nate was pretty good at relating to Troy. I can see him as a sports agent; maybe he and Clay could be partners.

OTH returns in two weeks as Brooke and Sylvia go dress shopping. Tune in Nov. 2 to see how Brooke deals with her controlling future mother-in-law.

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