One Tree Hill: Brian Austin Green Ain't Doing It; Robert Buckley Will
One Tree Hill: Brian Austin Green Ain't Doing It; Robert Buckley Will
Brian Austin Green did get some cold feet.  A week ago, it's as if he had that role snagged--negotiations for his inclusion on the upcoming season of One Tree Hill was all but done, apparently, and provided everything goes well, he'll take the role of Nathan's sports agent, Clayton.  The operative here is "provided everything goes well".  It didn't.

Now, it's official--Green isn't joining the show.  But OTH producers have found a replacement pretty quickly: Lipstick Jungle's Robert Buckley.
Word was, the actor's representatives were not exactly drawn to the huge paycheck that was being offered.  No, it's not because it was too low--it is, after all, pretty similar to how much the producers offered Chad Michael Murray before he decided to toodle off.  Apparently they got a little anxious with some of the media's reaction to news of his possible casting.  Throw in cold feet, and you have no deal.

Which is a little sad, because he could've done pretty good, in my opinion.

Anyway, Robert Buckley.  He did have a recurring role in Lipstick Jungle, as hottie photographer Kirby Atwood.  His only regular television work, however, were in two MyNetworkTV primetime soaps that you probably didn't notice--Fashion House and American Heiress.  He also showed up on a couple of episodes of Privileged, as well as a few movies.  Thankfully, I can imagine him as a sports agent--and the gig is pretty big, in my opinion.

That makes Buckley the official new member of the cast, the first of three which have yet to be filled.  As for Green, well, he can now only hope that Body Politic gets picked up with all that positive buzz.  Or else.

-Henrik Batallones, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: The Hollywood Reporter, Entertainment Weekly
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