Kevin Federline Rolls onto 'One Tree Hill'
Kevin Federline Rolls onto 'One Tree Hill'
Kevin Federline has officially won primary custody of Britney Spears' spotlight, for the moment.  The fledgling rapper has – thankfully – abandoned his recording career for the moment to pursue a more apt gig, playing a cocky wannabe rock star on One Tree Hill.  News of the former Mr. Britney Spears' latest acting gig spread faster than then that strange "Popozao" hand dance video K-Fed placed on YouTube last year.

Federline will join the all new five-years-in-the-future One Tree Hill for what is described as a multiple episode arc, playing the front man for Tree Hill's fictional rock band No Means Yes.  While no one dares to say it in these terms, this officially makes K-Fed a semi-recurring character – if such a thing actually exists. 

America's most famous gold digger was previously seen slaughtering the acting method in an episode of CSI last October in which he played a masked mugger.  You could very easily include Chaotic amongst his ‘acting' credits since Federline's attempts at portraying himself as an independent man with no interest in Britney's coattails would have definitely earned him an Emmy if the show had been classified as a fictional drama.

The high profile custody battle between Fed and Britney is kicking into high gear as Federline attempts to gain sole custody of sons Sean Preston and Jayden James in the wake of Britney's procession of bizarre behavior.

Whether Federline will become intricately involved in the plot remains to be seen, but since he obviously cannot sing its safe to assume he will either be a lip syncing oddity, or will actually have a role in the story.  Then again, One Tree Hill producers may just be taking a cue from what casting Isaiah Washington did for Bionic Woman's internet buzz, bringing the infamous Mr. Federline on board in the hopes of sparking a flurry of snarky internet articles.  Like this one.

- Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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