'Once Upon a Time': Will Peter Pan Be Able to Turn Henry Against His Mother?
'Once Upon a Time': Will Peter Pan Be Able to Turn Henry Against His Mother?
Linda Martindale
Linda Martindale
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On the last Once Upon a Time episode, "Lost Girl," we looked deeper into Peter Pan's plan for Henry. In the season 3's premiere we found out Pan's reason for kidnapping Henry and bringing him to Neverland was for his pure heart. Pan wants to turn Henry against his mother, Emma. He plans to destroy the love Henry feels for her. To do this, Peter Pan will play on Henry being abandoned as a child, rejected by his mother, and put up for adoption. 

Normally, this would make the perfect plan. However, Pan has forgotten that it is Henry who searched for Emma. Henry knew that things were not as they appeared. Pan's oversight could destroy not only his plan, but his powerful position in Neverland. Let's take a look at the 3 qualities Henry possesses that will ultimately ruin Peter Pan's plan.

Adoption Doesn't Equal Abandonment

Henry knows that he was adopted. He knows that Emma wouldn't have given him up without a reason. To Henry, adoption doesn't mean abandonment. He doesn't ask the whys or the hows. He knows that there was a purpose that Emma let him go. With his adopted mother, Regina, Henry has a loving relationship built of years together. Both Emma and Regina offer Henry what Pan doesn't understand: unconditional love. Pan's plan to use this against Henry makes sense to Pan but it won't work. Pan doesn't understand the concept of love because he wants power. By Emma's and Regina's support and love, Henry can endure the mind games that Pan and the Lost Boys will use against him.

He Knows His Mother Believes

The first episode gave Henry the opportunity to get his mom back in his life. Through his story book, he knew that Emma had to come to Storybrooke with him. He knew that she had to believe to break the curse. Emma did not believe at first, but that changed when Henry was in danger. Emma's worry for a son she has just begun to know made her see the magic. She had to find a cure and that meant she had to slay a dragon. Her belief in magic made her able to defeat the dragon and find the cure Henry needed. 

Later, when Neil arrived, Henry did not like the fact that Emma lied to him about his father. But Henry forgave her. He understood she hid the truth for a reason. Henry's ability to forgive is something Pan cannot understand. Pan will have a very hard time convincing Henry that he was unloved and unwanted. The fact is that Henry is surrounded by love will sustain him against any odds.

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He's Stood Alone Before

Henry is a believer with a pure heart. When everyone else denied their identity, he didn't accept what they saw. Henry knew that he had to find Emma and bring her back to Storybrooke. He knew that only Emma could break the curse. Henry was willing to give his life so she would see. By eating the pie intended to send Emma into a deep sleep, Henry took a step that proved he knew Emma would do anything for him. She allowed herself to believe and saved his life. The bond that has been established cannot be broken - not by a power hungry boy who doesn't believe in love.

Peter Pan Still Has a Chance

Peter Pan does have a few things working in his favor. He has managed to get Henry away from Storybrooke and away from those who have been protecting him. Henry has never traveled outside of present day. He has no knowledge of a magical land that is controlled by a boy his age. 

While these things will work for Pan, they will not affect Henry and convince him to hate Emma. Henry is smart. He's faked feelings before with Regina and will do so again if needed against Pan.

The Pan Plan to destroy the true believer is already doomed. Henry is the searcher who found Emma. Henry is the catalyst that caused memory and magic to return to the town. Henry has to have some magic in his soul because we know Emma is the savior. No matter what Pan does, Henry still has one tool that even Pan cannot overcome - he is the true believer in people around him. 

By trying to manipulate Henry, Pan's plan will fail. This season will see Henry grow stronger and find where he belongs. Like his mother, the savior, Henry has a purpose we do not know yet. He may be the one to find the way to the Enchanted Forest. Pan has built his world in darkness, despair and fear. When Henry breaks that spell, Pan loses everything.

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