'Once Upon a Time' Review: Skin Myself a Crocodile
'Once Upon a Time' Review: Skin Myself a Crocodile
Carla Day
Carla Day
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Once Upon a Time brings us the story of Captain Hook this week on "The Crocodile." As events become legends, they often get interpreted and misinterpreted throughout the years. Of course, Hook didn't lose his hand to an actual crocodile, that would be too simple. Rather, the crocodile was Rumple himself -- the crocodile-skinned Dark One.

Captain Hook and the Crocodile

In the past, Hook has always been a formidable and evil character in fairy tales, but in Once Upon a Time's interpretation, he's hot and not that bad of a guy. He may just fill the hot guy spot left vacant when The Sheriff was killed. (Yes, that's shallow, but it is television, right?) Sure, he's not necessarily a good guy either, but when compared to Rumple, the Evil Queen, the King, or Cora, he's a saint.

He fell in love with the wrong girl and he paid for that. Perhaps, he will join their ranks when he gets to Neverland. We do see that he has partnered up with Cora at the end after all. Lost love seems to be at the crux of good people turning evil in this land.

After all the people that Rumple has hurt, it was difficult to feel sympathy for him when Milah left him. He was a coward, who shamed his family and wasn't able to protect them. If anything, I feel horrible for Baelfire. He was left without a mother and with an unsuitable father.

I wasn't looking forward to Cora turning up in Storybrooke, but now that Hook is involved I can't wait. Rumple needs to pay for his sins in Fairy Tale Land, as do a few other people. I'm not sure I want Belle to go back to him. She would be so much better off without him.

Poor Belle

This girl can't win. She fell in love with a monster and her father isn't much better. They both want to control her. The power struggle between Gold and Belle's father was uncomfortable. Neither of them deserve her.

Belle is a grown woman and capable of making her own decisions. Her father's kidnapping and the mind-wiping plan was even worse than Gold not telling the truth. At least, Belle had a choice to either stay or leave Gold. Her father made the wrong move.

If Belle has any saving grace, it is that she has become friends with Ruby. The two of them would make a great partnership; as long as Ruby can keep her wolf side in check. The library job works for Belle; it will give her something to do that she is passionate about and introduce her to more people.

Perhaps, she will find someone who can love her unconditionally and without malice within them.

Odds and Ends

  • Gold needs to find some allies in down. With people's memories back, they aren't likely to help him. He's paying for his wrongs now, like turning the butcher into a pig.
  • "Are you asking for dating advice?" -- David to Gold
  • Gold says he is using magic to try and break the new curse, so he can leave to find his son. Believe him? Or, is there more to it? I don't buy that's his sole purpose. 
  • "Have you ever had a hamburger?" -- Belle 
  • Smee made it to Storybrooke, why didn't Hook?
  • Did Hook and his ship leave Neverland? Or, were they there when the curse hit?
  • What is it about hearts on this show? Rumple crushed Milah's heart. Regina/Evil Queen has a thing for hearts. Can't forget the Queen of Hearts is still out there (Cora?)!
The episode tied all the storylines together very well. Almost, too well. At some point, if everything ties back to Rumple and the Evil Queen it's going to get quite repetitive. I hope they bring in more "big bads," perhaps Cora, the King, even Hook.

What do you think about Hook? Love the addition to the story? Or, was it too far-fetched for you to enjoy?

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