'Once Upon a Time' Recap: What Ever Happened to Mary Margaret?
'Once Upon a Time' Recap: What Ever Happened to Mary Margaret?
Jilliane Johnson
Jilliane Johnson
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Spring Break may be over, but Once Upon a Time is all new! Last week, Red Riding Hood conquered her inner demon, literally. The Big Bad Wolf is alive and well inside Ruby. While this serves as a great breakthrough, Kathryn is still missing. Plus, Mary Margaret remains public enemy numero uno.

Tonight, Storybrooke is turning darker and darker. Locking Mary Margaret behind bars is better understood once we learn Snow White's reason for attempting murder.

Red Riding Hood and Prince Charming sit by a fire in the middle of a snowy meadow when a group of the Queen's guards can be heard, closing in on them. Red insists Charming ride on ahead of her and look for Snow White. "I'm giving you a head start," she grins as the full moon can be seen; her eyes glow golden. Charming rides off as Red shifts into the wolf and, most likely, eats dinner.

Switch to present day, Mary Margaret, although adorable, is having her mug shot taken by unknown daughter Sheriff Swan. MM keeps stressing her innocence, yet Emma's hands are tied. She doesn't want to show "favoritism" because Madame Mayor will surely fire her and replace her with someone who will get the job done.

Here's something I didn't expect to see, an obvious jab at Disney's Snow White as Snow hums in the dwarfs' kitchen. She sports loose curles and a big red bow. All is pleasant until the broom she holds now turns into a weapon. Snow swats at a tiny blue bird until Grumpy interrupts. He takes her into the next room where the other dwarfs wait. Basically, everyone is upset over her behavior since drinking the potion, which wiped her memory of being in love with the prince. Even Jiminy Cricket is there to give his two cents: "Don't take it out on your friends!" Wrong two cents, Jiminy. Now Snow sets out to seek revenge on the one who killed her father, the Evil Queen, and makes it impossible to be with her one true love.

For some reason unknown to me or anyone else in Storybrooke, Mayor Regina sits in on the interrogation of Mary Margaret. She and Emma reveal the small chest which holds the heart. MM claims that she's being framed, that someone stole her chest and put the heart inside. Regina takes her hand and comforts her in a very eerily fake way that Emma sees through.

Snow has set out on foot through the woods when one of the Queen's guards comes riding through. She easily knocks him from his horse with a wooden staff. This poor guy had no chance from the start. Snow asks of the Queen's whereabouts; he says that she's at the castle for the night then setting out for the summer home. "That house was built for my mother!" she cries as she strikes the guard with her staff.

Grumpy walks up as Snow walks away, now dressed in the guard's clothes. Now in any other situation, I would go along with Grumpy, saying that this is just way out of hand. Snow White is on a mission, though, "so get out of my way." She took down a GUARD; I wouldn't argue with that.

Little Henry and Emma are in MM's room, going back and forth over her recent allegations. It all seems to be over Emma's head when they begin to hear some clinging and clanging under the floor boards. She reaches down to an air vent, opens it and finds a dagger wrapped in cloth.

Henry sits at Granny's Diner having hot chocolate when Arthur, formerly known as The Stranger, sits next to him. He believes that Henry's storybook is real and that the answers to the questions floating about town aren't very far to find. Henry opens the book to a picture of Prince Charming.

Charming comes upon the naked guard, struggling in the cold forest. The guard tells him that Snow White attacked him. Will Charming get to Snow before she reaches the castle?

David slips into Regina's office, wanting to discuss Mary Margaret. He knows the woman he loves; she wouldn't kill anyone. Regina's reply? "You don't know her." I guess that's that.

Emma stands in her office, speaking with MM who now stands behind bars. The sheriff will do whatever she can to set her free. Mr. Gold enters. He offers to help her from the wrong side of the law, but Emma is skeptical, as she should be. Surprisingly, MM wants to hear what he has to say. Emma is asked to leave. With a sly grin, Mr. Gold claims he's "invested in her future."

Grumpy confronts Rumpelstiltskin in his home, saying Snow is different after drinking the potion. He basically gets a DUH! Drinking the potion left a hole in Snow's heart, making it incapable of her having any compassion. There's no potion to love; that's why there's an empty spot on his shelf where a bottle cannot be found. Now, on to what Snow seeks, a way to kill the Queen. Rumpel presents her with a bow and arrow. There's a certain spot on his magical map where, while the Queen is en route to her summer home, Snow can fire the shot. She'll have to do this part alone; Grumpy won't stand for it.

David walks into Dr. Archie's office, complaining of blackouts. It's about time we get all this figured out!

Charming walks into Rumpelstiltskin's home next, wanting answers about Snow White. You know, the where's, what's, how's, why's, all that jazz that everyone's been wanting to know all episode. Rumpel reveals that true love's kiss will restore Snow's former self. In return for this, Charming hands over his cloak. With or without his cloak, the prince better hurry before Snow kills the queen or she'll turn just as evil as the woman she kills!

Emma ascends the steps to her apartment and finds Henry sitting, waiting. He holds a keychain with no less that 50 keys dangling. "Did you steal that?" she asks. "Yes." But Henry is convinced his adoptive mother's chain holds the key to Emma and MM's apartment door. Third time is the charm; Emma unlocks her front door with an astonished look. "Do you believe me now?" cries Henry.

Snow White is anxiously practicing for her money strike when someone grabs her from behind. It's Charming! "I told you I would always find you." He kisses her. Unfortunately, she doesn't kiss him back; she slugs him.

When he finally comes to, Charming is now tied to a tree. He tries to make Snow remember who he is and keep her from killing the Queen, but it's no use. She leaves him there. Luckily, Jiminy flies over and offers his assistance by chewing through the ropes. "How can you expect her to remember who you are when she's lost sight of who she is?" Such a clever insect.

Make way for the Queen! Yeah, yeah, anyways there's more important things going on. As the Queen rides through the snowy forest on horse, Snow White stands ready with her bow and arrow. She pulls back and lets it fly ... right into the shoulder of Prince Charming. She runs to him and is brought to tears by his want to die for her. She kisses him and this time it works. "Charming!" she squeals. They're happy for one measly moment before King George's men whisk Charming away and give Snow a bloody lip. "I will always find you!" she cries.

Back in Archie's office, the doctor asks David to recall his last conversation with Kathryn on the telephone. After that, he saw Mary Margaret in the forest. He sees flashbacks of Snow White when he was calling after her, "Don't kill her." You would think he would realize that her hair was extremely longer back then, but he hops up and runs out before Archie can stop him.

Snow White returns to the dwarfs' cottage and sets a mug down on the table. "What do we want with a mug?" they ask. "It's the only thing I broke that I can fix," she sobs. Their Snow is back! Group hug! She cannot stay long, though. She must set out to find Charming. "You can't do it alone," says Grumpy and all the others line up with their pick axes ready for battle.

David walks in to see Mary Margaret as she stands in her cell. He tells her about his memories of her wanting to kill "her" and wants more answers. This obviously hurts MM; how many times has he hurt her now? "I never doubted you," she said and she's totally right. "Get out!" David leaves.

The next morning, MM is making her jail cell bed when something falls underneath. She finds a key that surprisingly opens her cell door. She hides the key before Emma walks up. The sheriff informs her that the heart was, in fact, Kathryn's; she's dead. This means things do not look good for MM, but she'll do what she can in proving that Regina framed her friend. "I have faith in you. Now I need you to have faith in me," Emma pleads.

Emma walks into Mr. Gold's business. He sits at his desk looking over a genie's lamp. She wants his help taking down Regina, who she is convinced had something to do with Kathryn's murder. Mr. Gold tells Emma that she is a lot more powerful than she believes, but he'll help and at no cost. "I'm invested in your future," he says.

Rumpelstiltskin examines a lone strand of hair he's collected from Charming's cloak. He drops it into a bottle which holds the strand taken from Snow White. The strands come together and light up, one side yellow, the other red. Rumpel seals the bottle and sets it in the only spot on his shelf that's missing a potion, that of true love.

The episode ends with a shot of Mary Margaret's cell. It's empty.

Things are getting intense! Next week, it will only get worse. Once Upon a Time welcomes Roger Daltry and Sebastian Stan as The Mad Hatter. A trip to Wonderland should make this all very interesting. It seems that Emma will be seen as little lost Alice, trapped in a mad, mad world. Tune in Sunday to ABC at 8pm to see the story unfold.

Jilliane Johnson
Contributing Writer

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