'Once Upon a Time' Recap: Pan's Revenge with a Regina Twist
'Once Upon a Time' Recap: Pan's Revenge with a Regina Twist
Linda Martindale
Linda Martindale
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Last week, Once Upon a Time surprised us when Pan switched places with Henry. Who would have thought that Regina would preserve Henry's heart only to have Pan claim his soul? With the Jolly Roger almost home, Pan/Henry is up to something! And which adult will be the first to realize that Pan is still around?


Note: Pan as Henry will be called Han; Henry as Pan is Panry.)

Ariel seeks her prince who is now a fisherman. He recognizes her and they kiss. Belle hears the Jolly Roger which appears from the sky. The misfits are back! (I hope you got a glimpse of the episode's secret in the opening.)

Everyone exits the ship. Gold sees Belle as Snow unites with Ariel. As the Lost Boys exit, Felix and Han exchange glances. Belle and Gold reunite with Neil who has Rumple's cane. Regina stands on the sidelines until Mary Margaret (MM) tells everyone of her work. When Wendy comes off the ship, her brothers run to greet her. They reunite with Neal.

As Gold relates what has happened, Han interrupts by calling for his mom and dad. The box is hidden and can only be opened by Rumple. After the rest leave, Gold returns to his Storybrooke clothing while Belle talks about their future which he wants. They kiss (and all Rumbelle fans cheer).

At Grannie's, Emma gives Henry's book to Han who shows a lack of enthusiasm. Emma gets suspicious. Hook and Neal talk at the bar and Hook gives Neal the chance to win his family back. He does warn that it won't be easy. Blue and Tink meet and Regina demands that Tink get her wings. Blue refuses and tells Tink that she doesn't believe in herself. Meanwhile, Neil is asking Emma for a date but she's worried about Henry.

Han has just read the story of the honeymoon as Emma tells him to say goodnight to Regina. He wants to spend the night with Regina. Emma sees this as odd. At Regina's, Han searches the room for magic. He asks Regina about her vault. She questions him and he uses the excuse of fear. Regina tells him she will protect him. She kisses him good night and leaves the room. He immediately releases the shadow from the sail.

David and MM are eating when Gold brings the elixir to them with no question of payment. MM tells David to drink it and he does. He kisses her and they talk about a baby. Seeing Neil alone, David goes to find Emma at the harbor. She worried about Henry. David feels he's acting strange because of his experience, but Emma isn't buying it. Emma is not sure she's ready for a relationship but goes to meet Neil.

Hook, meanwhile, runs into Tink and asks her to have a drink. She fears he is using her to take his mind off Emma. Screams are heard as the shadow attacks Blue, who dies. They know Pan is behind this as Regina and Han arrive. Regina promises to protect Han, but Emma tells Regina to keep a close eye on him. Regina sees it as jealousy and takes him to the vault.

At Gold's, MM, David and Emma tell him what has happened. At the entrance to Storybrooke, they put a plan into play. Emma crosses the line and Gold works the spell. Emma opens the box and Panry appears and tells her what happened. While all are suspicious, Emma asks him for something that only the two of them will know -- the first time they connected. Panry tells her it was at his castle and that he knew she gave him up so he would have his best chance. They hug and Gold apologizes for his doubt. David wonders where Pan is.

In the vault, Han tells Regina that he is lucky to have her protecting him. As they hug, he grabs a potion and uses it on Regina. The misfits reach the vault and Gold opens it. Emma admits that, as the savior, she never gets a day off. Downstairs, Regina is found on the floor. Emma tells her about the body switch and she's upset with herself, but Panry tells her not to worry. Han stole the curse that put them in Storybrooke. Planning to use it, he will be in charge and creates a new Neverland.

The Enchanted Forest -- In the Past

A flashback to Charming and Snow's wedding leads to the honeymoon. Snow at first doesn't want a honeymoon but agrees to go to the Summer Palace where there is a secret that could defeat Regina.

At the Summer Palace, Snow gets carried over the threshold and has special plans for the night. As Charming attends to the horses, she digs through the weapon trunk and heads out. Charming knew Snow was up to something and waits for her in the woods. She explains about Medusa, who can turn people to stone when they look in her eyes (Greek mythology). Charming refuses to let her go alone and, once done, they will enjoy their honeymoon.

They reach the cave and enter, hearing Medusa's screams. They find her and Snow tries to behead her but destroys her sword. They try to flee, but Snow falls and Medusa seems to have her. Charming distracts the creature, but he looks into Medua's eyes and is turned to stone.

While Snow bemoans his fate, Regina appears in the shield's mirror portion gloating about what has happened. She looks forward to letting Snow destroy herself. Snow realizes that Regina is right, but she sees a way of defeating Medusa. She grabs the shield and turns it into a mirror, which she uses on the creature. Medusa turns to stone and Charming comes back to life.

At the castle, Snow and Charming start their honeymoon. She tells him that she wants to start their family. She was afraid because of Regina. Losing Charming made her decide to start the family now.

Next week, Pan's final act could destroy one of their own and change Storybrooke forever.

Once Upon a Time airs Sundays at 8pm on ABC.

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