'Once Upon a Time' Recap: It's James, Not Charming!
'Once Upon a Time' Recap: It's James, Not Charming!
Tonight on Once Upon a Time, we see firsthand how it all began. Prince Charming meets his Snow White by chance. This retelling revives John Doe of Storybrooke. Will he remember his long lost love?

Who is that masked man stealing from Prince Charming's carriage? Why it's... a girl. No, "a woman," corrects Snow White. This is how the ill-fated lovers met and the story began. Sister Mary Margaret, on the other hand is having a first date with a guy who would rather check out Ruby, the waitress with the red hot pants. "If true love were easy, we would all have it," says Sister Mary while relaying the details to Emma. Little does she know, her true love lies in a hospital bed in a coma.

The plan... to help the townspeople remember who they really are. The first target... John Doe. Emma explains this to Sister Mary who agrees to help for little Henry's sake. She begins reading her own love story to her destined lover. Abruptly, his hand takes hers. A tad bit creepy, but how cute!

Sister Mary's failed date turns out to be a resident physician at the hospital, caring for John Doe. Sister Mary tells him what has happened, he turns her away and he calls Regina. I wonder who this doctor guy is and where he fits in to the story.

An interjection of the love story shows that Charming catches Snow and tells her to give back his jewels, meant for his prissy fiancé, before he turns her in to the Evil Queen. It's a deal. Back in Storybrooke, something fishy is going on.

Once Sister Mary returns with Henry and Emma in tow, we find that John Doe is now missing. The hunt is on. The sheriff joins the cause, looking for the lost prince in a hospital robe, wandering through the woods.

Wow... trolls on the bridge! The trolls have the jewels, but getting them back won't be so easy. Things get ugly when they find the fairy dust on Charming and Snow's wanted poster. Snow saves him from being captured. Oh, and his name is James. Charming is only a nickname.

John Doe is found on the riverbank, lifeless. Sister Mary gives him one last kiss, fearing the worst. With that, he awakes; unfortunately he doesn't remember who he is. They rush him back to the hospital and in rushes the same prissy girl from Charming's carriage. Regina appears and announces that she's his wife. Thanks a lot for bursting everyone's bubble.

Snow White and Prince Charming, aka James, must part ways after getting what they sought after. Sister Mary must stand by the wayside as Catherine has a second chance with her estranged husband, David Nolan, aka John Doe. Even without remembering who she is, there's something in the way David looks at Sister Mary. She won't be alone though, Emma decides to stay with her mother for the time being.

Well there you have it, the beginning of Snow White and Prince Charming. Like it, love it or think it could have been done better? Let us know! Tune in next week for another tale twisting episode of Once Upon a Time when Rumpelstiltskin is after Cinderella's firstborn child!

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Jilliane Johnson
Contributing Writer

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