'Once Upon a Time' Recap: Deal or No Deal?
'Once Upon a Time' Recap: Deal or No Deal?
Cinderella makes her first appearance tonight on Once Upon a Time. Apparently Rumpelstiltskin really got around, as did Mr. Gold. Emma must help a young pregnant woman escape both him and Storybrooke, but not before more fantastical secrets are revealed.

Tonight's episode begins with the too-well known story of Cinderella. Her stepmother and stepsisters are on their way to the ball when the Fairy Godmother appears, ready to perform her makeover. Unfortunately, Rumpelstiltskin ruins all the fun by killing the innocent fairy. Cinderella still wants to go to the ball, though, therefore a deal must be made.

In present day reality, the Sheriff (do we know his name yet?) offers Emma a job as Deputy Sheriff. How fun! For now, she settles for just taking his card and thinking it over. After an enlightening conversation with Regina at the local diner, Emma spills hot chocolate all over herself. A trip to the laundry room allows her to meet a woman named Ashley who resembles Cinderella. She's pregnant at nineteen and cleaning for a living. Emma gives her some words of advice, which in turn fuels her determination to break into Mr. Gold's pawn shop. He catches her but is no match for the mace spray.

Mr. Gold pops up at Sister Mary's. He talks with Emma about Ashley and how she needs to be found because she's a troubled woman. Henry barges in, ending Mr. Gold's visit. The two go on a pregnant woman hunt and Cinderella's story continues to unfold. Prince Thomas and Cinderella are married, with Snow White and "Charming" in attendance. Everything is peachy keen until Rumpelstilskin arrives (and Cinderella is the only one that notices him, somehow). The conditions of their deal: she hands over her firstborn.

"Ella" tells her prince about the deal and circumstances. He suggests they make another deal. Jump to the future ... Ruby totally spills the beans about Ashley. She tells Emma to speak with Ashley's ex, who lives with his father. Our professional bounty hunter finally puts all the pieces together when Sean's father explains that Ashley has been paid very well for her child. It turns out that Ruby only sent Emma and Henry out of Granny's in order for Ashley to get a head start in Ruby's car. Of course Little Red Riding Hood would cause problems. Henry is starting to create his own annoyances, too. After being told to back off, he pops up in the back of his mother's car for the ride.

Cinderella, Thomas and "Charming" discuss a secret weapon against Rumpelstiltskin. If he signs this contract then he freezes. Meanwhile, just outside Storybrooke, Ruby's car is on the side of the road and Ashley sits in a ditch, preparing to give birth. I bet Henry wishes he had stayed home now!

Cinderella fools Rumpelstiltskin, but things are still not so great. She tells him she's now having twins and they must reconfigure the deal, giving him both children for financial support. He signs the contract and freezes, but makes it known that he will have her baby no matter what. As Rumpelstiltskin sits in a cage, Cinderella is overcome with sudden pains. Thomas runs for water, and at the call of his wife saying all is well again, he disappears.

Mr. Gold shows up at the hospital to collect his debt and Emma confronts him. "My agreements are always honored," he says. Bring it, Emma! Take him down! Well ... she did it, but by way of making yet another deal.

Regina is being naughty. She hasn't been working. Someone is sleeping with someone that they should not be sleeping with. Who could it be? Perhaps Sean's father?

In a very cheesy but cute ending, Sean visits the hospital to see his newborn baby Alexandra. He's bought her first pair of shoes. Yes, they fit.

Well, kids, Emma Swan has set roots in Storybrooke by taking the Deputy Sherrif job. Even though she might be working for Regina's secret lover (yes, the sheriff is sleeping with the mayor). I know you have comments on tonight's episode. Share them and make sure you check back in two weeks for more Once Upon a Time!

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By Jilliane Johnson
Contributing Writer

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