'Once Upon a Time' Recap: Clap If You Believe
'Once Upon a Time' Recap: Clap If You Believe
Linda Martindale
Linda Martindale
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Once Upon a Time has had two episodes in Neverland so far and we haven't met Tinker Bell. That all ends this week, and at least one of the members of the Misfit Crew may actually have a past with her. This may be a bumpy night for Regina.

Project Henry Continues

In the jungle, problems arise as Emma checks the map to learn that Pan's camp has changed location. Pan is smart at using a distraction. Hook decides they need a fairy. Regina looks worried, and still is when she learns it is Tinker Bell! When Emma mentions that everyone loves her, Regina replies that Tinker is not that nice. Regina wants Emma to combine their magic. She refuses, as all magic comes with a price. Henry is too great to risk for a quick fix.

Hook knows that Charming has been nicked, and the wound now looks gross. Hook tells him It may be days or weeks before he dies. Charming has questions about pixie dust. My question: could this save his life?

Regina is getting nervous. Emma realizes Regina and Tinker has issues. Regina says that if Tinker sees her, she won't help. If Emma doesn't find Tinker, she's to find and save Henry. Soon, Tinker appears, and Regina says, "Let get it over with." Tinker knows everything about Regina and puts her to sleep with pink dust. Wow! I thought Pan was evil until I see Tinker's face.

Hook leads everyone to Tinker's tree house. Snow realizes it is just a place to sleep. She understands her, and Charming finds Regina's handkerchief. Meanwhile, Regina wakes to see Tinker bending over her. Tinker knows she's there to find her son. Regina realizes that Tinker has lost her magic, but Tinker use dreamshade as a threat. Regina pulls out her heart and puts it in Tinker's hand, telling her to squeeze it and she will die. Sensing that there is still good in Tinker, Regina urges her to pick hope over anger. She doesn't squeeze the heart, but she refuses to help Regina find Henry.

The band find Tinker and ask where Regina is. With Regina back in the group, Hook and Tinker have a semi-warm reunion. She has no power because no one believes in her. Snow offers her a home. With that, she agrees to help. Pan trusts her. Charming questions the offer of a home, but Snow tells him she knew it would work because it worked for her. Later, Tinker tells Regina that she ruined the mystery man's life. Could the mystery man be Hook?

In Pan's camp, Pan throws apples at Henry for dinner, but Henry refuses. He then decides to play William Tell. Henry is teased with a threat, but learns he must shoot an apple off Felix's head. As Henry takes aim, he turns and shoots at Pan, who catches the arrow. Alone, Pan tells Henry that he is the savior of magic. When Henry corrects him, Pan tells him that he was born to save magic. Pan hands him a piece of paper, which Henry throw away. He later opens the paper to find his face.

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The Enchanted Forest Watch

Neil is ransacking the castle looking for portals. Little John and the Merry Men join the group with Robin's son, Roland. Neil has a revelation on how to return to Neverland -- using Roland to draw the shadow? Come on, Neil, don't do it; but he does. Neil promises to be the one to go to Neverland, and Robin reluctantly agrees.

Neil, Robin and Mulan set the stage and watch as Roland says the magic words: "I believe." At first, it doesn't appear to work, but suddenly the shadow appears and grabs Roland. Robin grabs Roland while Mulan strikes. Neil jumps out the window and grabs the shadow and we're off to Neverland. Neil plans to find Emma, win her forgiveness and save Henry. He's half right, as Felix finds him upon his arrival in Neverland.

Meanwhile, Robin offers Mulan a position with the Merry Men. She goes to see Aurora and Philip, learns that Aurora is pregnant and Mulan announces her plan to leave.

In the Past

Rumple alert: the only appearance in this week's episode. When Regina misses her lesson, he appears and orders her to come the next night and bring her rage. Regina has a temper tantrum on her balcony and the rail gives way. As she falls, she is saved by Tinker's green pixie dust and an offer of a second chance. Tinker promises to help Regina find true love.

The next day, the two do lunch. A bell chimes, and Tinker leaves for "fairy" land. She sneaks in, but Blue is there and yells at her. It seems Tinker has broken every rule, and we learn that her real name is Green. Green/Tinker is told to remain for more training from Blue, but as soon as Blue disappears, Tinker flies off to see Regina.

Tinker has a plan for Regina's happy ending. She sprinkles pixie dust and Regina flies. Dust is blown into the sky, which leads them to a tavern and Regina's true love. Looking inside, Tinker urges Regina to enter, but Regina is scared. The mystery man has a lion tattoo. Tinker leaves and Regina opens the door. Oh, she can't do it.

The next day, Tinker comes to find out how the date went, only to be called a bad fairy and hear half-truths from Regina. After she leaves Regina, Tinker runs into Blue, who strips her of her powers. No wonder Tinker is bitter now. The question is, who is the mystery man and have we met him before?

Next week, the moment of truth has come as the band face their greatest fears.

Once Upon a Time airs Sundays at 8pm on ABC.

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