'Once Upon a Time' Recap: Pinocchio, a Baby and a Wardrobe
'Once Upon a Time' Recap: Pinocchio, a Baby and a Wardrobe
Jilliane Johnson
Jilliane Johnson
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Sunday once again and time for Once Upon a Time! So last week we found out who August is not. Maybe tonight we'll find out who August is! The story of Pinocchio will be the main focus tonight as August W. Booth moves to the forefront of Storybrooke and all its interwoven problems.

Meanwhile, Emma Swan is still weighing her options in regards to taking down the evil mayor of Storybrooke, Regina. In a very unexpected twist, both Emma's and August's stories will entwine with one another, hopefully bringing the curse closer to being lifted!

August has installed a wooden bolt on Mary Margaret and Emma's apartment door. They begin to talk about Emma's efforts against the evil Madame Mayor, the importance of little Henry when he calls her on the walkie-talkie. It's a "code red," he urges. Emma heads out to meet her son and August follows. He wants her to follow him instead, suggesting she'll find "exactly what you're looking for." Maybe next time, August.

Emma slides into the booth next to Henry as he flips through the storybook. He finds something weird. The story of Pinocchio has been added to the book, yet it's not yet finished. Emma blows it off and says he better get a move on before he's late for school.

Geppetto and Pinocchio are on a small, sorry raft in the middle of a huge and terrifying storm when a whale nears. Geppetto offers his son a lifesaver, but the wooden boy yells to "save yourself" because he's wood and he'll float. He jumps from the raft and the whale opens wide. It's now daylight and Geppetto is alive and well on the shore, amidst the wreckage. Pinocchio, on the other hand, is not so lucky. The blue fairy appears to the father and son and with a wave of her wand, Pinocchio is human. She tells the young boy to "be brave, truthful and unselfish," and he will remain a real boy.

August sits at his desk, fingering Pinocchio's hat. (I KNEW IT!) He makes a phone call to Mr. Gold, saying they should meet to discuss Emma. As he ascends to the door, his leg cramps up and he sinks to the bed. He's slowly returning to his natural form. What could he be lying about?

MM stands in the middle of her children at the school when Regina walks up and greets her -- well, a greeting that only she can give. She's looking for Henry, but he's out with his mother -- his real mother. "Despite what you think, it won't make you happy," MM tells the mayor who strives to make everyone's lives a living hell. Henry walks up and Regina suggests he transfer classes. He calls her out on it, saying that all good will prevail; oh, and "I'm not transferring classes.

August steps into Mr. Gold's shop where the shop-owner is speaking with ... Marco, the modern version of Geppetto, for those of you who may have forgotten. With only a glance, the old man tips his hat and walks out, carrying an old wooden clock. Mr. Gold quickly gets under August's skin, not only bringing up his tardiness in seeing his father but his efforts in making Emma believe. In the end, Mr. Gold agrees to help out with a "gentle nudge."

Geppetto and Pinocchio sit in front of a clock, the same clock from the shop. From inside, Jiminy Cricket springs out. Soon after, the blue fairy flies in with news of the Evil Queen's curse. She urges Geppetto to carve a wardrobe out of the same tree he carved his son from. In it, Snow White's daughter will be hidden from the curse. He agrees.

Emma speaks with Mr. Gold inside his shop. He reminds her that her motivation against the mayor is her son and keeping him from her grip. Next think you know, she's knocking on August's door. Could she finally be ready for the big picture? "Show it to me," she says. YAY!

As luck might have it ... Regina is having car troubles, and has groceries in tow. David notices and offers to drive her home. He's walking up with her groceries when Regina offers that he stay for dinner. I'm almost saddened to see that she looks alone and disappointed when he says no. To twist the knife, there's a note on the dining room table that reads, "MOM." Inside the note is blank, but she tells David that Henry left it to say he's spending the night with Dr. Archie. Feeling sorry for her, David decides to stay.

Geppetto, Pinocchio, Jiminy and the blue fairy travel through to the magic tree. The magic wardrobe that Geppetto will build will be the portal in which Snow and Charming will pass through in order to give birth to their baby girl. Geppetto wants to negotiate that Pinocchio take one of the two spots, meaning he and the baby must go together. Jiminy speaks up but is quickly shot down by his old friend. At a meeting that looks like the knights and a few fairytale characters of the round table, the blue fairy holds true to her agreement with Geppetto. She tells Snow and Charming that the wardrobe will only have enough magic to take care of one, but Pinocchio and his father share smiles, knowing that all will be okay.

Emma sits behind August on his motorcycle, wondering where he's taking her. They're on the road to a story ... the story of Pinocchio, and that's leading them outside of Storybrooke.

David and Regina are enjoying dinner until things get awkward in the kitchen. He asks about how he was found, and she makes up some profound story about how she turned around for her forgotten phone and found him by the side of the road. Then SHE TRIES TO KISS HIM! Yuck! Luckily, he escapes, falling into more drama and dodges the kiss. He leaves like a gentleman and she throws her glass of wine at a mirror.

Snow is giving birth to her child. The blue fairy flutters into Geppetto's window, urging them that the plans have now changed. The infant will need her mother. Pinocchio has no place in the wardrobe now. Once she's gone, Geppetto says he doesn't care about the rules -- the child simply needs someone to protect her. "Sometimes we must lie to protect the ones we love." Tears in their eyes, he shuts his son up in the wardrobe, shuts the door and after a rumble the wardrobe is bare.

August stops his motorcycle outside of a diner and Emma is livid. She wants answers now! He presents a newspaper clipping that reads, "7 Year Old Boy Finds Baby..." She's still lost. He might as well spell it out for her. The baby, sure, we know it was Emma 28 years ago, but the 7 year old ... that was August.

A tree explodes, leaving a whole for Pinocchio to climb out of. He's scared, looking up at a passing airplane. He tries to climb back into the tree but is pushed back by some unseen force. Flashbacks of his father run through his mind and he stands up to hear the cries of a baby girl. Pinocchio, a small 7-year-old boy, picks up a baby and prepares for the modern world.

August leads Emma to the tree where they arrived in this magic-less world. He explains that he changed the story to finding her by the side of the road because, let's face it, who would believe that two children emerged from a tree? She doesn't believe it for a second, calling him "crazy," and heads back to the highway. With that, August falls over, stiff again. It's a pain that, on the night she made the decision to stay in Storybrooke, he felt at 8:15am on a tropical island. It was 8:15pm in Storybrooke, the moment time began to move forward. She STILL isn't taking his word for it. Maybe seeing his peg leg will help her believe. But she doesn't see it; she sees flesh as August raises his pant leg. "You don't want to believe," he charges at her. She has to; Emma is Storybrooke's only hope! "Then you're all screwed!" she replies, only worrying about custody of Henry and nothing else.

In an orphanage, August makes funny faces to keep baby Emma from crying. As he tinkers with her baby bed, a man comes in and barks at him to keep his hands off of things that aren't his. He's only trying to keep her safe. A bigger boy comes in and shows off a big wad of cash. He and the other kids are leaving for a better life and they can't take care of any babies. Just like that, August kisses Emma goodbye and walks out.

Marco is working in his garage/wood-shop on the same clock when August walks up and lends advice. It works and the old man smiles at him, satisfied. "Your father must be proud," he says. He hasn't quite turned out to be the man his father wanted him to be, yet he stands maybe 10 feet away from the man now. Marco can only speak for himself, saying that he would at least want his son to try. August notices the things around the garage that suggest something, or someone, missing in the old man's life. "How would you feel about taking on an apprentice?" he asks. He wouldn't earn any pay, which is fine; August simply wants to "fix things."

Little Henry is fast asleep when Emma can be heard on the walkie-talkie saying, "Code cobra!" He meets up with her in her tiny yellow Beetle. She asks him, point blank, if he'd rather live with her than Regina. Who would disagree? He looks overjoyed and excited, but looks pretty worried when his mother announces, "We're leaving Storybrooke."


Everyone who's been keeping up with the show knows that you simply cannot leave Storybrooke, but no one knows exactly what happens if you try. Sure, Kathryn was thought to be dead, yet we never actually saw where she went. Could next week shed some light on these questions? There's only two more episodes, so we have to get it sometime soon! Let's just hope that Emma believes sooner rather than later.

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Next week on Once Upon a Time, Emma and Henry are en route out of Storybrooke, but it doesn't look like they'll get far. What happened in the fairy tales after baby Emma escaped? Why is Henry losing consciousness? Will August become a wooden boy again? Tune in next Sunday to find out!

Jilliane Johnson
Contributing Writer

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