'Once Upon a Time in Wonderland': Why Anastasia's Remorse is Hard to Believe
'Once Upon a Time in Wonderland': Why Anastasia's Remorse is Hard to Believe
Gina Vaynshteyn
Gina Vaynshteyn
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
I must say, Anastasia and Will's relationship is my favorite subplot of Once Upon a Time in Wonderland because I like watching shows about crazy ex-girlfriends, I guess. Or, because Anastasia and Will remind me of Bonnie and Clyde.  Except if you remember, Anastasia wasn't a very faithful or loyal Bonnie. She ditched her poor, thieving boyfriend as soon as the wealthy, bejeweled king proposed to her (after only meeting her once, but hey I don't question love) and took on an entirely new persona. One that loves red and says "darling" to be condescending. So when Anastasia revealed her reasons for wanting the genie in episode eight, "Home," I just didn't buy it. Couldn't there be something else up her red sleeve?

Let's go over everything we know about Anastasia and Will's relationship thus far. So, Anastasia and Will were admittedly, very close. Anastasia had an uber controlling mother. They lived in a poor town which proved to be a dead end for both of them, so the couple decided to move. Will stole a magical mirror that happened to be a portal and ex-communicated himself from Robin Hood's Merry Men because of this. Anastasia showed tiny hints of hesitance before she and Will jumped through the mirror because her mother reminded her that Will is kind of a loser, but she went through with it because Will is adorable and  charismatic. But after living in Wonderland for awhile, Anastasia realized they would be poor forever. They couldn't even afford bread, and she had been wearing the same bubble gum pink dress for ages. They found a way into the royal castle, where there was a party and food. Anastasia flirted with the King, and he eventually decided he liked her liveliness and youth, so he proposed. And just like that, Anastasia bailed on Will. 

Okay, that was a very rudimentary summary, but everything points to Anastasia's desire for wealth over anything else. She has barely shown any sign of emotion that isn't anger, fear, or evil contentment. She has servants who look like a cross between Mozart and David Bowie, she lives in a huge castle, and she's beautiful. Sure, it may get lonely in that drafty mansion of hers, but couldn't she just summon a handsome Wonderlandian to hang out with her?

The Red Queen may have helped save Will from having his head chopped off, but I would expect the same thing from any ex-boyfriend (well, maybe). However, I wouldn't assume they need magic on order to turn back time to be with me. Why would Anastasia give up her wealth and power to be with Will? She may have loved him, but she absolutely hated poverty. Frankly, she could have at least tried begging for forgiveness the old-fashioned way before teaming up with Jafar and having her castle blown up. That wasn't very smart.

It just doesn't add up. I think the show writers are genuinely trying to show that The Red Queen has a good side, but she's been depicted in such a single-dimensional light, that I'm not buying her sudden remorse, even if Cyrus has taken the bait. Take Queen Regina from Once Upon a Time, for example. She's a terrible person, but she's complicated. She not only shows signs of being able to love in the past, but she also shows that she can love now, and that she is capable of change. With some help at least. Whereas, whoever Anastasia was, certainly doesn't translate in her current world. I mean, she helped steal a human being, didn't tell Alice that Cyrus was alive, and left her all alone in an insane asylum in England. She kidnapped a family of bunnies for crying out loud. Final verdict: Anastasia has no heart. 

Alternative Reasons as to Why The Queen Would Need the Genie:

1. She wants to take over all the realms, including Snow White's world (which, at this point, is a vast, abandoned desert--perfect for claiming real estate).

2. She needs the genie to turn back time so that she could tell her mother, "I told you so!" 

3. She wants to erase all memories of her old life so that she isn't distracted by any pesky, lingering emotions.

4. Maybe she was truly in love with that old king and wants to resurrect him from the dead (I'm assuming he died somehow) so she can be with him once more. However, do I want ABC to attempt CGI zombies? Sounds terrifying.

5. Anastasia has realized her standoffish personality has alienated any friends or acquaintances she may have had, so she plans on using Cyrus' power to make her more likeable. Or force people into being friends with her.

Maybe I shouldn't ever pursue screenwriting. However, I love a good love story, and I hate when characters have improbable or undeveloped feelings towards each other. Anastasia's remorse and secret desire to get Will back are not well deserved. There could have been more signs, like a necklace of his she kept or a photograph. I do hope to see more of The Red Queen's nice side when Once Upon a Time in Wonderland returns March 6 on ABC because Emma Rigby is truly a darling.

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