Olympics 2012: Must-Watch Events for Sunday, August 12
Olympics 2012: Must-Watch Events for Sunday, August 12
I can't believe it's already over! 17-days of exciting, heartbreaking, and edge-of-your-seat competition come to a close tonight. This is where I make my sad face. But before the closing ceremony gets underway the final gold medals will be handed out.

Here's what you can't miss today:

Men's Basketball
It's USA vs. Spain in the gold medal game. This is a rematch of 2008 when Spain nearly stole the gold out from under Team USA. With superstars like LeBron James, Kevin Durant, and Carmelo Anthony playing there's no reason why the US shouldn't win. Of course, star power isn't enough. Remember the 2004 Athens Olympics? Ouch!

Men's Marathon
This is a personal favorite of mine. The marathon is about as tough as it gets with 26.2 miles of all out running. The Kenyans have dominated the marathon in recent years and will be a big factor in this race, too. There will be some emotional moments during and after the race. Defending gold medalist Kenyan Sammy Anjiru died last year at the age of 24 after a fall from his bedroom balcony.

Modern Pentathlon
This is the 100th birthday for the Modern Pentathlon at the Olympics. Despite its name, the Modern Pentathlon doesn't seem so modern given the event is meant to incorporate all that it takes to be a good soldier. It involves pistol shooting, swimming, running, horse jumping, and fencing. When was the last time you heard of a soldier using a sword or riding a horse into battle? Nevertheless, it is still a very competitive Olympic sport. The women's Modern Pentathlon is today.

Closing Ceremony
The Olympic flame gets extinguished tonight but not before the torch is officially passed from London to Rio de Janeiro, which hosts the 2016 Games. Typically the closing ceremony is more subdued than the opening ceremony, but the Brits are promising a big party. Expect such mega acts as George Michael, The Who, and rumors of a Spice Girls reunion. I mean, who doesn't want to see the Spice Girls get back together?

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Rachael Ruble
Contributing Writer

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